Flexible and cost-effective global solutions for energy companies

In an industry as highly regulated as the global energy industry, successful translations require an expert understanding of its procedures, standards and terminology.

Our energy translation specialists are trusted by global suppliers across sectors, from renewables to petrochemicals, to deliver accurate, reliable and consistent translations ranging from technically detailed engineering reports to compelling product brochures.



RWS supports in this industry with services such as:

Technical translation—From product data and process reports to training manuals and EHS information, our experts can translate your technical materials into over 250 languages.
HR translation—Training documents, induction videos, elearning content and all kinds of multilingual HR materials for global energy businesses.
Legal and finance translations—Specialist translation of important documentation like policies, audits, financial statements, compliance, contracts and more.
Marketing and corporate communications—For everything from internal communications to external marketing and public relations, across print and digital channels.


If you are ready to engage worldwide buyers in the right channels, at the right time, with the right content, we can help. We are RWS. We provide outcome-based solutions that bring you closer to your customers wherever they are.

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