RWS Patent Translation & Filing

Patent Translation & Filing

RWS offers the highest-quality patent translations and a seamless experience of filing patents in foreign countries.

We make the ordering process as straightforward and stress-free as possible: request one-click quotes, file into multiple countries with a single instruction, place and track orders on our online platform.

inovia, our online filing platform is an innovative, cost-effective and highly-efficient source that allows you to execute your foreign filing flawlessly and significantly reduce the administrative burden, complexity and costs of your foreign filing.

Why Choose RWS Patent Translation & Filing?

RWS has been translating patents for 60 years, and we are firmly established as the world’s number one intellectual property (IP) services company.

Patent Translations

We have a network of more than 7,000 in-country translators and patent attorney firms and 300+ in-house qualified subject-specialist translators and revisers.

Foreign Filing

Employ our resources and save time and money by filing with RWS.


Protected by 50 patents, inovia is the industry’s most powerful foreign filing platform.

RWS Agent Network

We have built a global agent network of world-class patent attorney firms, working alongside our highly qualified translators and revisers.

IP Translations for Litigation & Information Purposes

RWS offers a variety of intellectual property (IP) translation services for litigation and information purposes.

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