Why Choose RWS Patent Translation & Filing?

Why Choose RWS?

You have strategic decisions to make for your patent portfolio and competing priorities for time, budget and resources. RWS has been translating patents for 60 years, and we are firmly established as the world’s number one intellectual property (IP) services company, translating more than 90,000 legal, patent and IP-related documents per year.

RWS and our online platform, inovia, simplify and streamline the PCT National Phase Entry, Direct Filing and European Validation processes, while dramatically reducing time and cost. Click here to learn more about foreign filing.

Quality Comes First

RWS offers high-quality translation services at reasonable prices. Our rigorous internal procedures and tracking tools ensure the security of your IP portfolio.

We Handle All IP Translations

  • Translations associated with foreign patent filings
  • Prior-art documents
  • Office actions, preliminary amendments, examiners’ reports, litigation
  • Trademark applications
  • Opposition proceedings and correspondence

60 Years of Experience

RWS clients include the corporate IP departments of major multinationals, and leading firms of patent attorneys. Our rigorous internal procedures, quality management system and production tracking tools allow us to complete orders well in advance of official filing deadlines.

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