Tridion Expert Summit (TXS): Make the most of intelligent content management

Marcus Hearne 23 Nov 2020 8 min read
It's not surprise that COVID-19 has increased our appetite for greater digital interaction. And it doesn't take much to realize that the more people interact with brands digitally, the more likely they are to have high expectations of the experience.
Consumer surveys support this idea. Experian recently reported that 60% of the 3,000 consumers they surveyed have higher expectations of their digital experience than before COVID-19. In Cognifide's survey of 1,000 UK consumers, nearly half said they're now less forgiving of poor online experiences than before the pandemic.

Higher expectations call for better content management

There are many, many factors that contribute to the overall digital experience that people have. But the clarity, accuracy and consistency of content is definitely one of the biggest contributors. After all, every digital experience is mediated through some kind of deliberately produced content: text, images, sound or video; descriptive or instructional; emotional or factual.
Anyone involved in creating, distributing or updating digital content, or any other content management task in an enterprise context, knows just how hard it is to do it well — to ensure that it's clear, up to date and consistent across all channels, protecting the brand you're promoting and contributing to a favorable digital experience. And not just for customers, either. You've got to do it for employees, partners, investors, the media and other stakeholders. 
This is why organizations are investing in Tridion, the intelligent content platform. It's designed to simplify everything about enterprise content management, and it's very good at doing so. But as digital expectations rise, the key to meeting them is not just to invest in content management technology like Tridion, but to know how to make the most of it.

TXS: learn how to make the most of Tridion

That's why we're bringing the Tridion user community together, on December 9 and 10, for TXS: the Tridion Expert Summit. This two-day virtual event is part of our commitment to helping Tridion users fully realize the promise of this content management technology. It's an opportunity for us as the developers and you as the user community to connect, teach and learn from one another to the benefit of all. If you're a Tridion user, please join us for:
  • Customer stories: learn from what others are doing with the technology
  • Expert presentations and demos some short, some deep dives — to help you understand and use important principles and capabilities for better content management and digital experiences
  • Insight into future developments for Tridion
  • Q&A, where you can ask us anything about Tridion
  • A chance to win $200 and a bag of goodies through the #TridionMakesItEasy competition
You'll also meet this year's Tridion MVP award winners, a group of partners, customers and developers who regularly share their knowledge with the Tridion community. We hope you'll be inspired by them to also play an active part in the community, which is one of the best ways to make the most of Tridion for the benefit of your organization.

Ready for more intelligent content management?

If you've not already registered for TXS, head over to the event page to do so now. You can see the full agenda for the two days and also learn more about the #TridionMakesItEasy competition.
And if you're not yet a Tridion user but want to find out more about how intelligent content management technology can help you use your content more strategically and efficiently, learn more here or contact us to discuss your specific challenges, and we'll see how we can help.
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Marcus Hearne

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Marcus is Senior Vice President, Product & Solutions Management, responsible for driving global go-to-market strategy for SDL’s language and content management solutions.
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