Language Weaver.

Technology and innovation combined with
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The last mile in machine translation.

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The last mile
in machine translation.

Language Weaver: the last mile

Language Weaver is the world's most powerful, comprehensive and adaptable neural machine translation platform. We provide secure enterprise machine translation solutions, adapted to your content - empowering you to communicate without language barriers.

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  • Government

  • Global Enterprise

  • Legal and Compliance

Bring a global perspective into your analytics pipeline. Language Weaver can integrate with content intelligence applications to minimize the effort required to translate multilingual content.
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Language is often a barrier to clear communication with internal and external stakeholders. Language Weaver can help you improve collaboration between teams, increase productivity, go to market faster internationally.
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Managing multilingual data for cross-border litigation and regulatory compliance may not be part of your everyday business, but when it arises you need to be equipped to deal with it. Be proactive by securing a translation solution that can handle multilingual data in any format, on-demand, at scale, and will be processed securely in the relevant jurisdiction.
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Key Benefits

Scale across your entire organization
Secure multilingual content management

Fully secure.

Reduce costs.
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Seamless integration.
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Increase quality.
Flexible Deployment

Flexible deployment.


Language Weaver

Language Weaver is a secure, adaptable, cloud-based enterprise machine translation API and portal for businesses that need to process high volumes of multilingual content quickly and effectively.

Language Weaver Edge

Language Weaver Edge is a secure, scalable and adaptable on-premises solution leveraging state-of-the-art neural technologies. All the features and functionality of Language Weaver is available behind your firewall.

Connector Hub

Language Weaver comes with an extensive collection of integrations via our connector Hub. Whether building your own interface to our API, or using one of our existing connections to the likes of Office, Relativity and ServiceNow, our ecosystem provides a seamless experience.

Key Features

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State-of-the-art Neural MT

Our award-winning, proprietary technology grew from research labs across the world, to the workflows of global enterprises. 

Language Weaver can automatically translate content across 2,600+ language combinations quickly, effectively and securely.

State-of-the-art Neural MT
Flexible Deployment with Edge-Cloud
Adaptable and Bespoke Translation
Real time, scalable, integrated
Next IT Corporation
"We build and answer questions for our clients and users in natural language dialogue. We really knew the only way to do that was through machine translation."

Routh Fouty, Director of Sales Solutions, Next IT Corporation

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