Supported Languages.



Language Weaver’s Neural Machine Translation is language-independent and high-quality custom solutions can be developed for any language pair, given the right combination of training data and quality expectations. 

Our core process is the same across all languages, but then our MT expertise kicks in to fine tune engines along language-specific lines, as well as client and content specifics. This is what sets Language Weaver’s MT performance ahead of generic engines. 


Language Weaver provides translation software for more than 3,000 language combinations. The languages are listed below and any combination is supported.

Albanian Dari Hungarian Norwegian Swahili
Arabic Dutch Indonesian Pashto Swedish
Armenian English Italian Persian  Thai
Bengali Estonian Japanese Polish  Turkish
Bulgarian Finnish Javanese  Portuguese Ukrainian
Burmese French  Khmer Portuguese (Brazilian)   Urdu
Catalan Georgian Korean  Romanian Uzbek
Chinese (Simplified) German Kurdish Russian Vietnamese
Chinese (Traditional) Greek Latvian Serbian
Croatian Hausa Lithuanian Slovakian
Czech Hebrew  Malay Somali
Danish Hindi Maltese  Spanish 

If the language you need is not listed above we can also custom develop a language software system for you, just let us know! 

Expanding and Improving Language Coverage 

Neural Machine Translation has opened the door to new possibilities for language translation. If you have a unique challenge for a language combination not listed above, we are always happy to discuss the possibility for development of new translation machines. 

At Language Weaver, our world-class team is constantly striving to improve the translation quality of our Machine Translation systems by refining our technology and adding the most up to date, relevant techniques to our arsenal, helping our clients to go the last mile. Don’t hesitate to get in touch.