RWS localization and translation products

Explore our range of products and applications to help you connect with customers globally by delivering high-quality multilingual content quickly and efficiently.

Trados Enterprise

Translate content quickly and securely, without sacrificing quality, with the only end-to-end intelligent translation management solution (TMS).

Trados Studio

Translate faster, smarter, and ensure quality with the market-leading Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tool for businesses and translators.

Trados Team

Manage projects faster and more effectively in the cloud with our next-generation translation project management solution for teams.

Trados GroupShare

Streamline workloads, reduce manual tasks and centralize your translation assets with our server solution which can be installed on-premises.

Trados Terminology

Upload, store and manage your terminology in the cloud, with the ability to share access to termbases with colleagues and those outside of your organization securely.


Ensure consistent and high-quality content from source through to translation with our highly flexible terminology management solution.


Easily translate elements of a graphical user interface (GUI) such as dialog boxes, menus and display texts. Translate, share and collaborate on all your software localization projects.

Additional solutions

We have a range of additional solutions which address the specific and diverse needs of our customers.
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