The RWS Holdings plc Annual General Meeting was held at 10.30 a.m. on Thursday, 22 February 2024 at the offices of Slaughter and May, One Bunhill Row, London EC1Y 8YY.

Full details of the Annual General Meeting can be found below.

AGM documents & links

Notice of Annual General Meeting


AGM Statement


Result of AGM

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2/22/2024 Result of AGM (PDF)
2/22/2024 AGM Statement (PDF)
1/22/2024 Notice of AGM (PDF)
2023 Titre
2/22/2023 Result of AGM (PDF)
2/22/2023 AGM Statement (PDF)
1/26/2023 Notice of AGM (PDF)
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2/23/2022 Result of AGM (PDF)
2/23/2022 AGM Statement (PDF)
1/24/2022 Notice of AGM (PDF)
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2/10/2021 Result of AGM (PDF)
2/10/2021 AGM Statement (PDF)
1/15/2021 Notice of AGM (PDF)
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2/12/2020 Results of Voting (PDF)
2/12/2020 Result of AGM (PDF)
2/12/2020 AGM Statement (PDF)
2/12/2020 Notice of AGM (PDF)
2/12/2020 Numis Consent (PDF)
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2/13/2019 Results of Voting (PDF)
2/13/2019 Result of AGM (PDF)
2/13/2019 AGM Statement (PDF)
2/13/2019 Notice of AGM (PDF)
2/13/2018 Results of Voting (PDF)
2/13/2018 Result of AGM (PDF)
2/13/2018 AGM Statement (PDF)
2/13/2018 Notice of AGM (PDF)
2/13/2018 Proxy Voting Form (PDF)
2/14/2017 Results of Voting (PDF)
2/14/2017 RWS Holding plc Result of AGM (PDF)
2/14/2017 RWS Holdings AGM Statement (PDF)
2/14/2017 Notice of AGM (PDF)
2/14/2017 Numis Consent (PDF)
2/14/2017 Proxy Voting Form (PDF)
2/9/2016 Notice of AGM (PDF)
2/9/2016 Proxy Voting Form (PDF)
2/9/2016 Results of Voting (PDF)
2/10/2015 Notice of AGM (PDF)
2/10/2015 Proxy Voting Form (PDF)
2/10/2015 Results of Voting (PDF)
2/11/2014 Notice of AGM (PDF)
2/11/2014 Proxy Voting Form (PDF)
2/11/2014 Results of Voting (PDF)
2/11/2013 Notice of AGM (PDF)
2/11/2013 Results of Voting (PDF)
2/13/2012 Notice of AGM (PDF)
2/13/2012 Results of Voting (PDF)
4/14/2011 Notice of AGM (PDF)
2/14/2011 Results of Voting (PDF)
2/15/2010 Notice of AGM (PDF)
2/15/2010 Results of Voting (PDF)
2/12/2009 Notice of AGM (PDF)
2/12/2009 Results of Voting (PDF)
2/11/2008 Notice of AGM (PDF)
2/11/2008 Results of Voting (PDF)