RWS gives back to Indore community by renovating Christian Hospital operation theatre

Improving women’s health and reducing infant mortality are key goals of this new sustainability initiative
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Around the globe RWS works actively to be a part of our colleagues’ communities. Our office in Indore, India, is a prime example of seeking out and acting on opportunities to help others. 

After extensive research, RWS launched a project to renovate the operation theatre at the not-for-profit Christian Hospital in Indore, known locally as the Mission Hospital. The project is a direct result of RWS colleagues’ desire to support with RWS’ sustainability strategy as well as make a real difference in its community. 

This initiative also aligns with our sustainability strategy and goals by supporting Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 3 Good Health and Well Being, which aims to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages. 

Indore is the most populous city and commercial capital in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. The city has a rich history and is today known for its vibrant street food culture, historic Rajwada palace and bustling markets. The city is home to several educational institutions and is considered a major hub for education and research in central India, making it an ideal place for business and technology. 

There has been significant growth in Indore’s IT industry in recent years resulting from its large pool of talent and leading academic infrastructure. Our office has been located in Indore since 2000 and we now have more than 580 colleagues based there. 

“The decision to support the Christian Hospital is based on our community ties, a long history in Indore, and enthusiasm among our colleagues for a transformational project that will have tangible benefits for the people who live here for years to come,” explains Ian El-Mokadem, CEO of RWS. “We’re delighted to play a role in the transformation and look forward to working closely with the team to ensure they continue to provide the highest levels of care to the community.”


The Christian Hospital, Indore originated as a small clinic in 1887. As the city grew, so did the hospital. Today it is a leading 150-bed hospital providing services to over 10,000 patients every year. This community-based teaching hospital provides low-cost care to people from all social and economic backgrounds, with an emphasis on care for women and children as well as a focus on the poor, underprivileged and marginalized. 

Because the Christian Hospital, Indore operates as a charity, funds to improve and maintain the hospital are very limited. While the hospital is working actively to renovate its building and other medical infrastructure, operational limitations exist that could compromise care if left unaddressed. 

The hospital’s operating theatres, staff room, scrub room and wash area walls showed signs of water seepage and had peeling paint. Operating tables did not adjust easily and lights did not provide enough lighting for the procedures. Despite these challenging conditions, the hospital continues to perform all necessary surgeries due to overwhelming need and its commitment to care for all patients equally. 

“Medical aid is the best form of service one can do for the society,” said Rishab Pareek, Director Finance, RWS India. “The renovation of the operation theatre will help the patients in terms of better medical care at a lower cost. Our colleagues are excited to be able to bring a change to the lives of those in need.”


The team at the Christian Hospital knew vital renovations were needed to improve conditions for both their medical staff and their patients, typically women and infants. 

Their priority was to improve their operation theatre to the level of ‘Semi Modular state’, which improves: 

  • the architectural and engineering design and ergonomics of the operating theatre 
  • safety, precision and efficiency for the entire operating team 
  • sanitary conditions, which would decrease infant and maternal mortality 
  • quality of complex procedures requiring additional time, patience and focus 

To achieve this level, modern technology for lighting, imaging and monitoring vital signs were needed, as well as renovations and repairs to the operating theatre and supporting rooms to make them more sanitary. 

A major benefit of the renovation project is that it could be completed quickly - in two and a half months - which minimized the impact to the hospital’s operations.


The new modular operating theatre offers the Christian Hospital’s doctors, nurses and patients many functional and medical benefits, such as the ability to perform imaging and take x-rays during surgery. This provides doctors with real-time information and aids them in making informed decisions for the patient’s care. Doctors are also better able to manage complications during surgery, improving patient safety and offering patients and their families greater peace of mind. 

Doctors can now collaborate on a single patient’s care, ensuring the right care is provided at the right time, especially for more complex or challenging procedures. Also, hospital costs decrease when a wider variety of procedures can be performed in the same operating room, improving efficiencies and reducing the need for beds. 

Improved technology is another essential element of this renovation. New monitors can better track patient vital signs, the operating table can be raised, lowered and tilted, and improved operating room lamps allow for brilliant illumination during surgery. Localized temperature and humidity controls lead to better safety and comfort for medical staff.

“We are thankful to RWS for all the support,” said Rt. Rev. Manoj Charan, Bishop, Bhopal Diocesan Trust Association, the parent body that manages this hospital. “The operation theatre and the medical equipment needed immediate repairs and renovation. Being a not-for-profit charity run hospital, we manage the operations with very limited resources. The renovation project will help in upliftment of medical facilities to a huge extent.” 

With these renovations, the improved operating room allows the hospital to become a center of surgical quality, excellence in care and patient safety for its community. 

“The renovated operation theatre will allow us to perform surgical procedures that require time, patience, focus and safety with ease and thus better services,” said Shini Godwin, Director, School of Nursing, Christian Hospital. “We will be able to adopt a patient-centered, physician-led and team-based surgical care model which will be beneficial for all stakeholders in the hospital.”

Key results

  • Imaging and x-rays can be taken during surgical procedures 
  • Greater patient safety due to more hygienic conditions 
  • Streamlined workflows make best use of available time and resources 
  • Physician collaboration leads to improved patient outcomes 
  • Lower hospital costs due to better efficiency and need for fewer beds 
  • Modern technology improves ability to make informed decisions about patient care 
  • Increased capacity to provide services 
  • Improved energy efficiency from a mix of fresh and recycled air 
  • Surgeons are better able to respond to emergencies or complications 
  • RWS employees in Indore express how fulfilling it is to contribute to their community with this project
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