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Data annotation and labelling

Our certified experts deliver the highest quality of transcription, annotation, classification and sentiment analysis so that you can rapidly fine-tune your AI models.
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The challenge

Having mountains of raw data does not equal knowledge – you still need to teach your AI how to make sense of that data. To do this, you need diverse groups of people with the skills to annotate, label, transcribe and classify data accurately – but sourcing this talent is challenging and rarely cost-effective. 

Outsourcing these tasks can provide huge advantages for your business: faster results, high-quality data processed by domain experts, and reduced data management costs.

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The solution

With talent ranging from raters to linguists, our network of over 60,000 workers in more than 175 countries can quickly process data for a full range of AI applications. Whether it’s transcribing text or speech, tracking objects, segmenting images, identifying speakers or grading responses, our labelled datasets enable you to train AI models to the highest standards.
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Our global annotation and labelling services cover…

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Entity annotation

We provide text with referenced entities, such as places or people, to help ML models identify important information.

Text classification

We provide texts classified into different categories, at different levels of granularity.
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Handwriting transcription

We create transcriptions of handwritten texts, including custom annotations, in a wide range of languages.
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Audio transcription

We transcribe all types of audio files in many languages.

Audio annotation

We annotate all types of audio files with key information and metadata to segment and classify different sounds.
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Image and video classification

We categorize images and videos by assigning predefined categories to them.

Image and video annotation

We annotate images and videos by identifying objects or their parts using appropriate shapes.

Image and video transcription

We transcribe text and spoken content found in images or videos, in any language.
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Audio classification

We listen to and analyze audio files to classify them into relevant categories, depending on their content or other project-specific needs.

Semantic segmentation

We annotate images by drawing boundaries around individual classes of objects.


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