Tech conglomerate enhances generative AI chatbot with 5,000 experts in 53 locales

TrainAI by RWS harnessed the expertise of content writers, AI data specialists and linguists across the globe to process more than 30,000 chatbot responses per week.
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To strengthen their competitive advantage, a global technology company wanted to improve the accuracy and capabilities of their generative AI chatbot. However, they quickly realized they needed help to find sufficient technical, data and linguistic resources to evaluate, review and refine prompt-response pairs. 

With a perfect mix of know-how and talent, RWS’s TrainAI team quickly scaled to create a flexible team of content writers, AI data specialists and linguists to meet the required volume of work within the tight deadlines required. 


TrainAI from RWS excelled by delivering a complete range of generative AI fine-tuning services to improve the chatbot’s performance - all from a single provider.


  • Gain a competitive advantage against a rival LLM-powered chatbot
  • Secure sufficient technical, data and linguistic expertise to help train the chatbot 
  • Train and fine-tune the chatbot on specific topic areas to improve its accuracy, performance and usability across the globe


  • Prompt creation, editing and integration
  • Response rating, review and validation
  • Fact extraction and verification
  • Locale-specific language support
  • UI and content localization


  • Rapidly recruited and onboarded 5,000 writers, AI data specialists and linguists
  • Delivered 264,000 hours of work in 8 months
  • Localized chatbot’s UI, help articles and marketing materials
  • Review and improve 30,000+ chatbot responses per week
  • Providing support for 53 locales and counting