Generative AI data services for model training and fine-tuning

Boost the accuracy and robustness of your GenAI with our domain expertise, prompt engineering, RLHF, red teaming, and locale-specific support.
Generative AI training and fine-tuning

The challenge

Today, companies are being challenged to develop and implement the latest in generative AI technologies to drive business efficiency and growth. However, developing and implementing generative AI applications such as large language models (LLMs) require vast volumes of AI training data, as well as significant time and human expertise to fine-tune them, both of which are often not readily available. Protecting data privacy and security is a major concern, as is ensuring model responses are free of bias, hallucinatory or potentially harmful content. TrainAI by RWS can help.

The solution

TrainAI from RWS provides a complete suite of AI training data and model fine-tuning services for generative AI applications including LLMs. We harness the knowledge of domain experts in our TrainAI community to engineer prompts, refine responses, verify facts, provide locale-specific support, and perform red teaming to uncover and address vulnerabilities in your generative AI. By pairing the right people, in the right locations, with the right expertise, TrainAI ensures a diverse and representative team to minimize bias while fine-tuning AI. We have the experience you need to ensure the accuracy, robustness, and safety of your generative AI applications.

TrainAI generative AI training and fine-tuning services

Domain expertise

Our TrainAI community includes subject-matter experts at all educational levels with experience across a broad range of topics and industries. This enables us to triage your unique training requirements to the right experts and produce domain-specific content for fine-tuning generative AI.

Prompt engineering

We perform prompt engineering so that your LLMs and other generative AI can produce coherent, contextually relevant, and accurate responses to natural language prompts. TrainAI prompt engineering guides the content that your generative AI produces to enhance accuracy, address bias, and align outputs with pre-defined criteria. Our prompt engineering services include:
  • Prompt-based learning or writing prompt-response pairs to help the model learn patterns and associations between certain inputs and their corresponding outputs for specific tasks, contexts, or criteria
  • Prompt design which involves crafting specific instructions and queries to guide a model’s outputs in a desired direction 
  • Prompt tuning, an iterative process of adjusting and refining prompts based on the model’s outputs to improve output quality and relevance based on desired outcomes
  • Advanced prompting strategies to guide the model, refining language and context for nuanced, improved model responses
  • Establishing and adjusting safety thresholds to mitigate risks of generating harmful, offensive, or inappropriate outputs according to acceptable safety and ethics standards
  • And more

Reinforcement learning from human feedback

TrainAI provides a broad range of reinforcement learning from human feedback (RLHF) services so that your generative AI can understand what humans want and provide relevant, reliable, safe, and accurate responses. Our RLHF fine-tuning services include:
  • Response rating, evaluation, and editing to provide iterative feedback and refine outputs to enhance model performance
  • Fact extraction and verification to ensure generated content is truthful, accurate, and trustworthy
  • STEM rewriting to ensure generated content aligns with domain-specific language and terminologies for the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics
  • And more

Red teaming or jailbreaking

We provide risk mitigation services such as red teaming or jailbreaking, including intentionally creating prompts that can cause the model to hallucinate or generate potentially harmful content, to help you uncover and address vulnerabilities in your generative AI.

Locale support

We collect or create locale-specific AI training data and content in 400+ language variants across 175+ countries, to drive rapid market expansion and global reach for generative AI applications including large language models (LLMs).

Types of AI data delivered by TrainAI

Text data
Audio / speech data
Image data
Video data
Locale-specific data
Synthetic data

Our TrainAI community

Instead of crowdsourcing your data needs to anyone and hoping for the best, we deliver AI training data collected, annotated, and validated by our TrainAI community of active, vetted, skilled, and qualified AI data specialists based on your specific ML project requirements.
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