Data collection, content creation, and data generation

For any type of data – text, audio, image, and video – from anywhere in the world, to train AI.
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The challenge

AI teams are constantly being challenged to acquire large volumes of data to train AI. Collecting the right data and creating the right content requires efficient and structured processes that are easier said than done. The significant volumes of data and content required, and the difficulties of managing that information can place a considerable strain on your AI team’s already tight resources. RWS has the solution.
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The solution

By combining technological understanding and human intelligence, RWS’s TrainAI data collection, content creation, and data generation services can deliver the scalable data you need to build reliable, trustworthy AI. Our TrainAI community of active, vetted, skilled, and qualified AI data specialists can source the text, audio or speech, image, and video data you need in any language, at any scale. 
TrainAI creates content and data to power today’s large language models (LLMs), generative AI, augmented intelligence, deep learning models, and more.

TrainAI data collection, content creation and data generation services

Data collection and content creation

With TrainAI data collection and content creation services, you receive quality data you can depend on of any type – text, audio, image, and video – in any language, at any scale, to train all types of AI models.

Text summarization

To help train your extractive and abstractive text summarization AI models, we condense lengthy text into accurate, concise, and fluent summaries while retaining key information and meaning.

Intent variation

We provide variations of user requests to enable your AI model to understand the different ways users might express their intent, so that it can respond accurately. Our intent variation service delivers phrasings and contexts in a broad range of language styles and languages for any task or query.

Data preprocessing

Once the data or content you need is collected or created, it is cleaned and prepared to be fed into your AI model. We perform tasks such as removing noise, normalization, tokenization, and addressing missing values, to ensure you receive high-quality AI data to train your AI model.

Types of AI data delivered by TrainAI

Text data
Audio / speech data
Image data
Video data
Locale-specific data
Synthetic data

Our TrainAI community

Instead of crowdsourcing your data needs to anyone and hoping for the best, we deliver AI training data collected, annotated, and validated by our TrainAI community of active, vetted, skilled, and qualified AI data specialists based on your specific ML project requirements.
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