Data validation and review

We evaluate and moderate AI training content for relevance and quality, as well as minimize the risk of unwelcome bias.

The challenge

Data validation is essential for ensuring the quality of not only the training data, but also the performance of any AI solution. 

It is arguably the most important step in machine learning. Without proper validation, poor data can infiltrate your model, corrupting the entire process. For that reason, exhaustive QA checks are crucial, not only for accuracy, but also for relevance, appropriateness and proper optimization.

The solution

We carefully select the right experts for your AI needs, ensuring that the data used to train your ML model is of the highest quality, and also represents the cultural, linguistic and geographic nuances of your AI project.
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Our global validation and review services cover…

Annotated data validation

Our expert workers validate any annotated dataset. This is especially useful for crowdsourced annotations, for pre-annotations from an existing model or generally for datasets whose labels have low confidence scores.

Geospatial data evaluation

Using our data validation processes and tools and our pool of in-market data evaluators, we increase the accuracy and quality of geospatial data.

Machine translation quality evaluation

We improve machine translation performance by utilizing your engine’s outputs in the most suitable scenarios, monitoring quality trends after engine retraining, and assessing the engine’s confidence and accuracy.

Content evaluation

We audit various content types and report on criteria such as quality, usability, findability, readability and accessibility to help you better understand your content and how it is used by customers.

Content moderation

With human-in-the-loop processes, we validate and categorize your training data used for building content moderation models. We also increase the accuracy of your AI content moderation solutions by validating the decisions made by your engine.


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