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  • Important criteria to consider when planning your AI training data needs
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  • The impact of different criteria on your AI data budget
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Need training data for your AI or ML model?

When it comes to data – garbage in, garbage out

That’s why TrainAI by RWS goes above and beyond, seamlessly blending technological understanding and human intelligence to generate high-quality data you can depend on for machine learning success.

Planning your next AI project?
Try our AI Data Budget Worksheet

TrainAI delivers

Quality data

  • Meets or exceeds quality targets – done right the first time or we’ll fix it
  • Selects the best annotators and linguists for your project from our skilled, SmartSource community
  • Tailored to your specific project needs with custom program setup
Quality data

Multilingual data

  • Built on our 60+ years of translation experience and trusted by 88 of the world’s 100 top brands
  • Delivered by our skilled, SmartSource community of 100,000+ active, qualified annotators and linguists
  • Covering 175+ countries and 400+ language variants supported by our global offices
Quality data

Comprehensive data

  • Tailored to your project to meet or exceed quality targets
  • Based on a combination of both automated and human-in-the-loop feedback and quality assessments
  • Provides better AI explainability and accountability
Quality data

Fair and inclusive data

  • Prepared by our global, vetted, and diverse SmartSource community
  • Bias detection and removal built into:
    • Demographic selection and team composition 
    • Annotation ontology
    • Task design and instructions
    • The data collection and annotation process
  • Based on human-in-the-loop validation to verify, correct, and improve your data
Quality data

And when you work with RWS, you’ll benefit from 60+ years of industry-leading, technology-enabled language and content expertise focused on helping you succeed.

Try our data budget worksheet

For data you can depend on, choose TrainAI by RWS – your responsible AI partner