20 must-ask questions to evaluate AI data providers

You’ll learn:

  • Key questions to ask AI data services providers
  • Important criteria to consider and why’
  • How your AI data provider should work with you
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Unlock the potential of your AI with data you can depend on – from TrainAI, your responsible AI partner

TrainAI by RWS provides a complete suite of AI data services to help big tech companies and organizations operating in a broad range of industries train and fine-tune AI applications.

Evaluating AI data services providers for your AI project?

Download our 20 must-ask questions for AI data providers

Why choose TrainAI?

TrainAI delivers:

AI data prepared by our TrainAI community

Instead of crowdsourcing your data needs to anyone and hoping for the best, we deliver AI training data collected, annotated, and validated by our TrainAI community of 100,000+ active, vetted, skilled, and qualified AI data specialists based on your specific ML project requirements.

That’s accurate and reliable

TrainAI data meets or exceeds first pass standards and quality targets, or we’ll fix it. Your AI data is done right the first time, eliminating the need for it to be redone at additional time and cost.

In any language

With TrainAI, you get locale-specific AI training data in 400+ language variants, covering 175+ countries, prepared by our AI community to drive rapid global market expansion for your ML model.

At any scale

With our global footprint and our TrainAI community of experienced AI data specialists, we can help you scale up quickly, increasing access to new markets and revenue opportunities for your global AI initiatives.

Using a technology agnostic approach

We are highly flexible in our use of technology – we will use whichever platform best suits your data collection, data annotation, data validation, or generative AI training data needs, whether it be your platform, the TrainAI platform, or third-party solutions.

Based on responsible AI principles

To ensure ML model success, you need responsible AI training data. TrainAI delivers AI data you can depend on that’s:
  • Ethically sourced
  • Accurate, fair, and inclusive
  • Built on human-in-the-loop methodologies
  • Based on a privacy- and security-first approach
in accordance with the principles of responsible AI.

For improved ML pipeline performance

Outsourcing your AI training data needs to TrainAI by RWS means you’ll spend less time wrangling data, and more time focused on model development, deployment, and evaluation, improving the overall efficiency of your ML pipeline.

Download our 20 must-ask questions for AI data providers


For data you can depend on, choose TrainAI by RWS – your responsible AI partner