Our people roadmap

We continue to achieve a great deal in relation to our people agenda. Most of what we planned for FY23 did take place, and where we have reprioritised resource during the course of the year we have done so in response to changing business priorities.
The RWS landscape is complex, in terms of location, legislation and diverse HR practices and a very important anchor for many of our new processes is our new Microsoft Dynamics 365 system for HR which internally we call Unify D365 – in December 2023 we will begin the progressive implementation of this system and it will become a key enabler of the organisation's One RWS philosophy.
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Alongside a new system, we will enhance our HR capabilities to include:

Organizational Charts
The new job architecture and career framework
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Better onboarding and recruitment
Avatar Arrows
A unified performance management cycle
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Colleague development through integrated learning
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Actionable insights through enhanced reporting
In combination, all of this will help us manage people insight more strategically, and enhance people decision making across the business.