Supply chain

RWS is committed to ethical and responsible sourcing and engagement with suppliers who share common principles of fair and honest trading, demonstrate a commitment to maintaining satisfactory working conditions, and comply fully with all applicable legal requirements of those regions in which our operations take place.

Supplier code

The maintenance of a well-managed supply chain is a priority for RWS. Our suppliers are selected on quality, service and cost criteria as part of our responsible procurement practices. The RWS Group Supplier Code of Conduct outlines our core principles for supplier conduct, including compliance with laws and regulations, labour and human rights, terms and conditions of employment, working conditions, discrimination, harassment and retaliation, payment for services rendered, child labour, health and safety, sustainable development and environmental protection, data privacy and anti-corruption and bribery.
We wish to do business with responsible suppliers and subcontractors who understand the nature of the products, materials and services they are supplying, and with those who recognise their responsibility to protect the environment and manage good relationships with their colleagues and local communities.
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Diverse supply chain

RWS has a diverse supply chain with suppliers located in 166 countries across multiple categories. We believe it is important to have two-way communication with our suppliers to foster better relationships and keep them updated on our requirements, as well as assisting with efficiencies, quality, insight, costs and reliability.


We believe sustainable sourcing is essential as it helps reduce risks in the supply chain and meets the expectations of our stakeholders.  

RWS prides itself on paying its suppliers promptly and in FY20 signed up to the Prompt Payment Code. During FY23 our average payment terms to suppliers was 37 calendar days.