Data collection and generation

Anywhere in the world, for any data type – text, audio, image and video – we can acquire the content you need for AI training.
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The challenge

AI teams face a constant challenge as they struggle to acquire the vast amounts of data they need to train their AI.

Quickly and successfully collecting the right data to train AI calls for structured and efficient processes. But this is harder than it sounds – and the sheer volume of data required and the difficulties of managing it put a huge strain on the already tight resources of AI teams and their organizations.

The solution

Build reliable AI with our scalable data collection solution using technology-enabled automation and trained professionals to source text, audio, image and video data in over 300 languages.
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Our global data collection services cover…

Speech bubbles

Chatbots and conversational AI

We gather, process and customize large volumes of text data to improve your conversational AI and natural language processing (NLP) applications.
Text data

Text data

We create short, accurate and fluent summaries of text documents to train your extractive and abstractive summarization models.

Intent variations

We create variations of user requests and classify their intents to improve your voice assistant.
Audio speaker

Audio and speech data

We gather, measure and calibrate audio data from a wide range of sources to improve your automatic speech recognition models.
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Image and video data

We collect images and videos based on your requirements to help train your computer vision models and applications.


Media Language

All file formats

We collect data in all file formats, for any AI application. From text to audio, image and video, we sift and collect exactly the files that are optimal for efficient training.
All file formats
Full scalability
Accurate data
All-in-one solutions​

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