Adopt a flexible, enterprise-class translation management system that automates translation tasks and greatly reduces the cost of supporting large volumes of local language content.

WorldServer simplifies and accelerates the localization process for any content—from websites to documents to software—delivering high-quality translations on time and on budget.

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Key benefits

Centralize and automate your translation processes.


Flexible Deployment

Flexible deployment.

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Centralized linguistic technology.

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Content integration.

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End-to-end security.

Key features

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Automate your processes

  • Create customized workflows based on your team structures and for your specific business needs.
  • Automate business processes with business rules and workflows, reducing manual tracking.
  • Improve collaboration by routing comments, announcements and notifications with content.
Automate your processes
Achieve workflow transparency
All Nippon Airways

"Previously, managing multiple translation projects was complex, but now it's easy to track each one through to completion. The software is simple to use and the translation memory has become a valuable asset to us… This has both eliminated inconsistency and reduced costs."

Keita Ishikawa