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RWS Campus partners with universities to support the teaching of localization technology in linguistics and translation courses. We provide Trados technology and training resources for curriculum modules including the CAT tool component to help prepare students for a successful career in localization.
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Why teach translation technology?

Whatever a student’s career aspirations, finding an academic course that includes vocational training, can make one university much more desirable over another. 

Supplementing language degree and masters courses with vocational modules and internships supports students wishing to take their language skills forward into a professional career.  Graduates will find that Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools are now accepted practice in a translating business.

Key benefits

RWS Campus is a global academic programme nurturing localization talent
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Join 700+ university members
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80% of the localization industry use Trados software
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Market leading CAT tool - Trados Studio

What RWS Campus provides:

Trados Team

Trados Team provides an ideal teaching platform for planning lessons, creating learning groups and allocating localization tasks. 

Students can log in and collect translation tasks that will help them to learn how to use translation memories, work with termbases and post-edit machine translation results.

Trados Studio

Trados Studio is the preferred CAT tool of localization professionals and is used by over 270,000 translators across the entire translation supply chain.

Using Trados Studio, students can work on translation tasks in the cloud and on the desktop. They will be learning about translation in a professional environment that will prepare them for typical commercial scenarios, whilst also gaining valuable skills they can take forward into the workplace.

Campus Community

In our online RWS Campus Community, you will find information and guides for getting set up with your software and your curriculum. There are discussion forums for help and advice. Plus, resources for learning more about our products and other aspects of the RWS Campus programme.


Students have the opportunity to gain Trados Certification in CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) tool competency. Trados certifications are free for students and cover a range of topics and levels of ability. 

Workbooks, presentations and sample files are provided to help prepare for the online exam. Being able to demonstrate professional competency is a great addition to a graduate CV and is attractive to future employers.

Student awards

Each academic year RWS Campus university lecturers can pick two top students on a degree or masters translation course (or equivalent) and award them a Trados Top Student Award

Top students receive a copy of the latest version of ‘Trados Studio Freelance’ free of charge that they can use in their future career.

Student discount

All full-time students and graduates of up to a year after their final exams, studying at degree and masters level, qualify for special pricing on their purchase of Trados Studio.

Whether you decide to become a freelance translator, work for a translation agency or corporate language department, buying your own license of Trados Studio is a wise investment in your future.

Lecturers Students

RWS Campus provides lecturers with Trados technology for teaching localization and linguistics topics. In a few simple steps our self-service translation cloud software is ready to set up class groups and distribute translation teaching tasks.

Within our RWS Campus online community you will find a wealth of information to get started with guides and how-tos for your software and your curriculum, plus resources and help via the forums where you can contact us and connect with your peers.

At Trados, we love languages and want to support those who choose to use their love of language as the foundation of their career.  As a language student, you are at the very beginning of an exciting journey.

You will have many choices to make as you go through your course, and one of those choices is likely to be whether you choose to study translation. If you do, then the adventure starts here!
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RWS Campus offers localization internships with our professional translation teams
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Quotes from university lecturers

"Trados Studio helps students to approach their translation tasks by complying with a rigorous and complete workflow that introduces them to the specific features of their forthcoming professional career, thus effectively paving the way for their access to the job market and making their expertise more recognizable."

Marco Zappatore, Adjunct Professor of CAT Laboratory, University of Salento

"Certification is massively important for the students, especially when they are entering the market with little professional experience. It will give them an advantage above other students from different universities when applying for jobs."

Peng Wang, Ph.D. University of Maryland
"You cannot work in translation without a good knowledge of translation technology. We chose Trados Studio as our leading translation software because we know that it is number one in the market. It works well, it’s user friendly and it’s intuitive."
Rudy Loock, University of Lille
"For teaching translation and terminology it is totally clear – MultiTerm is the only viable program if one wants to teach state-of-the-art terminology management."
Sue Ellen Wright, Kent State University