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As a language student you are at the very beginning of an exciting journey. We are here to support you while you study and lay the foundation for your career.

The language industry offers a huge variety of job roles with leading-edge technology that is integral to making localization work more enjoyable and rewarding.


Discover Trados Studio discounts for students and graduates

Student discount

"The road to succeeding as a translator is paved with quite a few challenges; projecting a professional image may well be the first one of them. Trados Studio, the most popular CAT tool, is essential to embarking on your career, as any potential employer acknowledges its value: boosting productivity and wide range of file compatibility are but few of the reasons it stands translators who use it in good stead. As a new translator, Trados Studio gives me the confidence I need to kick-start my career, so let the journey begin."

Mariangela Apergi – student at Metafrasi Translator Training Centre

"For me improving my productivity is one of the most important aspects of investing in a CAT tool. When the text I am translating has repeating phrases or if I translate similar texts all the time, Trados can save time by offering exact or similar matches from translation memories. It makes collaborating easier when I share translation memory with a fellow translator and the results are more cohesive."

Wenxue Li – student at University of East Anglia