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RWS Campus provides great opportunities for people interested in working in the localization industry. We believe that our market insight and experience should contribute to the development of new talent so we can make a positive impact on our industry. 

We partner with hundreds of universities worldwide and these strong relationships are helping students move towards a future in localization.

We help to connect a new generation of professionals in the localization industry.

Here's how we are shaping the future of localization

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Intern success stories

Clementine Chevreuil

Clementine Chevreuil, Lead Translator, RWS Paris, France

"My internship at RWS was a perfect transition from the university to the translation industry.”

I joined RWS as an intern in June 2020 as part of my Master’s program. Due to the pandemic, my onboarding in the company was entirely remote...

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Kerem Kalfa

Kerem Kalfa, Associate Translator, RWS Istanbul, Turkey

“I am forever grateful for the chance and my teammates that I have been blessed with”

I've always wanted to learn stuff, and I can say that I'm a curious person. I love to read and research. But I was a little confused when I started the university. I had three options in mind: being a translator, being a chef, or being a lawyer (although I have to say that being a lawyer was just a whim because of the series I watched, Suits)...

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Nicola Whitson

Nicola Whitson, Senior Translation Line Manager, RWS Sheffield, UK

“An internship was the perfect introductionto the translation industry.” 

I studied a BA in Modern Languages (German, French and Dutch) at The University of Sheffield and joined RWS the very next day after my graduation in 2015. During my studies I became interested in the ‘behind the scenes’ side of the translation industry, so applied for the translation coordination internship, hoping to learn about the end-to-end process of producing translations for clients and develop my project management skills...

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Martin Bai

Martin Bai, Lead Translator, RWS Dalian, China

“I have continued to develop the skills to communicate with different people and understand the importance of teamwork.”

During the internship period, my manager and colleagues have provided a good opportunity to learn from each other, especially when encountering difficult sentences or uncertain knowledge, we can discuss translation with each other...

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Trying to decide on your career move after university?

Our internship program provides a tailored approach to training so that you can develop the linguistic and commercial skills you need to create a successful career in the localization industry. Take a look at our current internship openings or reach out directly to RWS Campus to learn more about local internship opportunities. Don’t forget to include an English CV.
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RWS Campus Events

RWS Campus offers a variety of presentations, workshops, trainings, and guest lectures. You can find us with our partners at their universities, our RWS offices, or at industry and career events. Or join us online and attend one of our virtual events. 

Check out upcoming RWS Campus events here and find out where you can meet us.

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University partners

We are proud to have built strong relationships with our university partners and, in some locations, we have been collaborating with them for many years. 

Together we are helping bring up new talent and create opportunities for the next generation of localization professionals.

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