The RWS Foundation

The RWS Foundation is a charity that aims to unlock global understanding. We provide ways for donors and volunteers to break down language barriers, helping people around the world to communicate effectively.

Do more together. We partner with people globally to help break down language barriers, making progress in areas that have a lasting impact on content and communication. 

Each year we donate to beneficiaries aligned to our purpose and values. Charities will broadly cover three areas: language and content transformation; diversity, equity and inclusion; and quality education. Using our global scale and reach, the foundation will also provide a way for donors and volunteers – whether RWS, individuals or partners – to support charities and humanitarian efforts.

Clear Global

The RWS Foundation is a Sapphire sponsor of Clear Global, a global non-profit. RWS supports the organization through a number of key humanitarian efforts and initiatives that will help people around the world to gain access to vital information, and be heard, whatever language they speak. Ongoing support will include translating, localizing and reviewing critical content, managing large-scale projects, providing training to translators and members plus analysing data to ensure the highest translation standards are maintained.

University of Manchester Scholarship

The RWS Foundation will also actively promote foreign language learning through school and university partnership programmes, including the RWS Campus (a global university programme nurturing localization talent) and the RWS Scholarship Programme with the University of Manchester – which has to date sponsored over 50 language students through the RWS-Brode Scholarship programme.

The trustees

Managing The RWS Foundation’s resources responsibly and making sure the charity’s assets are only used to support or carry out its purposes; our trustees represent a broad spectrum of our global business and act in the foundation’s best interests, making balanced and adequately informed decisions.

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