Responsibility for strong governance

Four pillars of sustainabity

For each of the four pillars identified from the materiality index, a set of policies and guidelines were established to structure RWS’s activities in each area.

Responsibility for strong governancey

  • We focus our business through a client-oriented strategy based on close communication enabling us to understand and foresee our clients’ needs and fulfil their expectations. The acquisition of SDL plc in November 2020 is an example of this with clients enquiring increasingly about machine translation services. (SDG 9)
  • We ensure the implementation of procedures to maintain the quality of our services across all geographies and teams while keeping high service standards and high-quality procedures across all of the Group’s divisions. Similarly, SDL’s leading language technology will enhance RWS’s procedures which, combined with ongoing staff training both on the job and via third parties, will ensure that RWS maintains its position as the world’s premier translation and localisation business. (SDG 9) 
  • We continuously improve our services and business management (through ethics, innovation, safety and environmentally sympathetic conduct) to maintain our reputation as a trusted business partner. (SDG 9) 
  • We develop our own investor relations strategy that aims to ensure compliance with legal and market practice responsibilities. (SDG 8)
  • We maintain clear communication channels with stakeholders and potential stakeholders to provide quick and effective responses to their requirements. (SDG 9) 
  • We create a working environment for staff that nurtures innovation and provide the resources to facilitate this. (SDG 8)
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