Our people 

The Group’s activities are highly skilled and labour intensive and therefore highly reliant upon the skills, dedication and passion of all of our employees and contractors, who are expected to meet our clients’ demand for excellent quality and timely delivery. 

The values that we promote include the mutual respect of peers, commitment to outstanding quality of work, trust, integrity and honesty. 

One of the key risks to RWS is our ability to attract, recruit and retain good quality staff as our activities are highly reliant upon the skills, dedication and passion of all of our employees and contractors, who are expected to meet our clients’ demand for excellent quality and timely delivery. 

In order to mitigate this risk RWS aims to be the ‘Employer of choice’. 


  • a workplace where our employees feel valued, supported and safe
  • equal opportunities and inclusivity
  • work that is engaging, stimulating and challenging
  • open communications at all levels, so that staff have a voice
  • a competitive remuneration and benefits package
  • opportunities and encouragement for staff to be involved with or lead RWS environmental, social and external community initiatives
  • an opportunity for good career development through training, mentoring and career path planning

Health and wellbeing

RWS is committed to supporting and developing the health and wellbeing of its people in a complex and demanding digital led world. Our wellbeing initiatives bring together a set of offerings to promote a healthy mind, body, and work-life balance in a way that works for each individual throughout our global organization. At RWS we support the physical and mental health of our employees to enable them to thrive in their professional and personal lives. 

We have established a range of activities across our global offices to encourage well-being including mindfulness sessions, pilates and yoga classes, lunch time jogging clubs, and walking clubs. In addition, we enlarged the Group intranet with a site dedicated to the physical and mental challenges of working remotely.

Diversity and inclusion

RWS aims to build a workforce made up of people who reflect the diversity of the Group’s communities in which we operate and reinforce our ethical values and behaviours. No discrimination is tolerated. We have policies and practices to keep out discrimination. We have provided staff with links to learn more about diversity and racial prejudice. We recognise that we have more to do in this area, particularly in terms of the racial diversity within our main offices and we are introducing steps to address this across the Group.

Diversity and inclusion of our employees globally (including office-based and remote workers) as at September 30, 2020:


<30 30-50 >50
35% 57% 8%


Male Female Undisclosed
48% 52% 0%

Employee status
Permanent Non-permanent


Employee category
Male Female Total
Manager 57% 43% 6%
Non-manager 47% 53% 94%

Years' service

Less than a year 16%
Between 1 and 5 years' service 55%
Over 5 years' service 29%

Gender pay gap

RWS is committed to ensuring that men and women are paid similarly for similar roles. 

To underpin this, the CEO has launched a strategic initiative around Diversity and Inclusion and one of the objectives is to identify ways to improve the number of women at Board, Senior Management Team and other Senior Management roles. 

SDL (acquired in November 2020) accounts for about 60% of the company and has already undertaken an extensive pay review and it has demonstrated to leadership that it is has similar pay for similar role in place. This exercise will be extended to the rest of the group. 

We will measure and report on our Diversity and Inclusion programme, in our sustainability report. 

2020 Gender Pay Gap Report for RWS Translations Ltd

Personal development

Maximising the potential of our employees is central to our growth. We have implemented initiatives globally to help our employees develop their careers. These include personal skills, business management and leadership training. Appraisals are held for employees to discuss performance, challenges and future career opportunities.

Social dialogue

Communication and dialogue is vital within RWS. At heart, we are a people business and therefore we have to talk; it improves business, is good for morale and is good for well-being. Communication within RWS is encouraged at all levels and it takes place at Group, divisional and local level. It includes all types of communication and consultation between RWS employees on all manner of topics including, operational matters, business performance, social issues, environmental concerns, well-being issues and various other areas of common interest. 

Dialogue is encouraged and is promoted through internal surveys and ‘pulse checks’, regular town hall meetings, group ‘virtual coffee calls’ with the CEO and divisional briefings, together with management team updates and newsletters. Our aim is to keep our colleagues informed about the business operations and our activities. 

We also encourage RWS staff to get involved with all activities and, as you will see in this report, we provide opportunities for staff to be involved in tree planting, wild flower planting, recycling programs, litter picking, student mentoring, keep fit activities, etc. This not only improves teamwork, communication and camaraderie but can also help staff develop their organisational and management skills.

Health and safety

RWS is committed to providing a safe environment for its employees. Whilst we recognise that the nature of our business is low risk in relation to health and safety, we strive to expand our approach, driving continuing improvements to ensure we meet, or exceed, legislative requirements. All our divisions and cross-divisional functions have formal governance processes in place for health and safety matters in the business operations for which they are responsible.

Staff turnover

We are pleased to see the positive impact of the actions we have taken in our reduced staff turnover rates, although we need to continue to improve our actions in this area.

Staff turnover 19/20 18/19
IP Services 12.90% 20.70%
Life Sciences 12.40% 21.80%
Moravia* 22.30% 29.30%
Group 18.90% 25.90%

Staff turnover = number of FTE leavers during the financial year/ average number of FTEs during the year. 

* includes Managed Services’ employees where the fluctuation is much higher as driven by client needs. If Managed Services’ 2020 turnover is excluded, the Moravia divisional staff turnover figure falls to 13.4% and the Group figure falls to 13.1%.


We provide an active programme of matched funding charitable support to charities proposed by our employees. We also actively promote foreign language learning through school and university partnership programmes. Two of our initiatives this year have included the RWS Scholarship Programme with The University of Manchester and in- depth involvement with the Outward Bound Trust.

Client responsibility

RWS strives to satisfy its clients’ needs by providing services that meet and/or exceed their expectations. Our clients rely on our expertise, integrity and creativity to help them overcome their translation challenges and keep their businesses moving forward in a global environment. Our employees are aware of the role they play in achieving this which is reflected in improving and optimizing existing processes and controls, striving for: 

  • On-time delivery 
  • Right first time 
  • Client satisfaction

Supply chain

Maintaining a well-managed supply chain is a priority to RWS as it is essential to building a sustainable business. Our suppliers are selected on quality, service and cost criteria as part of our responsible procurement practices. We are mindful of our obligations under the Modern Slavery Act, 2015 and our zero tolerance of slavery and human trafficking in our supply chain. 

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