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has turned to us to ensure reliable, relatable AI performance.

Is your AI trustworthy?

AI applications are only as good as the data they're trained with. If the data reflects bias, or there's not enough to be representative, or it's poorly classified for the training purpose, AI performance will suffer. 

As the developers of a variety of linguistic AI applications ourselves, we know what it takes to train AI to the highest standards – in many languages. This expertise is at your service through our Data Services for AI.

Peace of mind for enterprise AI

Whatever the application and languages you need us to cover, we've got the qualified AI, linguistic and domain experts to do so – and the resources to scale and get it done on time.

Data collection

Anywhere in the world, for any data type – text, audio, image and video – we can acquire the content you need for AI training.

Data annotation and labelling

Our certified experts deliver the highest quality of transcription, annotation, classification and sentiment analysis so that you can rapidly finetune your AI models.

Data validation

We'll evaluate and moderate the training content for relevance and quality (linguistic, cultural, geographic and more) as well as to minimize the risk of unwelcome bias.


If you want to evaluate your current AI strategy or programme, our team of experts can help you identify where and how to improve.

Enterprise-ready AI data services

AI is essential for both customer experience and business productivity. We deliver high-quality, robust AI training data in any language, at any scale. 

For one Big Five Tech company’s AI data services, over 2,000,000 tasks were completed across 62 locales and 21 task types.

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