Client satisfaction

RWS strives to satisfy its clients’ needs by providing services that meet and/or exceed their expectations. Our clients rely on our expertise, integrity and creativity to help them overcome their translation challenges and keep their businesses moving forward in a global environment. Our colleagues are aware of the role they play in achieving this which is reflected in improving and optimising existing processes and controls, striving for:

> On-time delivery > Right first time > Client satisfaction

Good client relations

Good client relations are of paramount importance to us, and we are proactive in building long-term relationships with our clients and have a proven track record in doing so. We work closely with them to understand their requirements and always put in place a team and process that meets their specific needs. 

Most importantly, however, are the open channels of communication we like to maintain with our clients. We do this by building a client centric culture by taking the ‘outside-in’ approach where we remain in regular contact to help us anticipate their needs and pre-empt and/or immediately address possible areas of concern and always remain alert to identifying areas for streamlining our processes and continuous business improvement.

Efficient and high-quality service

We are highly committed to delivering an efficient and high-quality service to all our clients and take a proactive approach to ensure this is achieved. Internally we measure and report on the number of projects delivered on time and client satisfaction through the logging of positive and negative feedback received, either through the response to questionnaires sent with completed projects or gathered during account review meetings or received directly from clients. 

We seek client feedback in several ways, this includes: 

  • At client onboarding we define service level agreements (SLAs) and key performance indicators (KPIs) by which our performance will be evaluated. We also define reporting requirements to ensure full visibility within the programme
  • Business relationship management (BRM) with key accounts 
  • Map reporting to client specific needs – tracking performance against specific metrics providing feedback anecdotally and at quarterly business reviews, etc.
  • Net promoter score (NPS) tracking and interviews via our 'voice of the customer' programme. Our NPS score for the Group for FY23 was 42 at 30 September 2023 on a rolling 12-month basis 
  • Other feedback mechanisms include questionnaires, webinars and roadshows, industry events, live chats, user communities and user groups, telemetry that is inbuilt into Trados Studio. Any negative feedback is followed up by Technical Support management so improvements can be made.

Improving client outcomes

  • Innovation, automation, efficiency, accessibility, security making us more agile – RWS has always adopted technology in its process and its innovative use of technology in our translation process is one of the Group’s unique selling points
  • Responding to client needs – as described above we do this through our in-depth knowledge of the market and constant dialogue with our clients
  • Continue to improve our products to further empower clients – we operate in a fast-moving market where technology plays an increasingly important role. We constantly strive to deliver new business services designed to streamline and improve the efficiency of our clients’ services.