Supported patent filings

PCT National Phase Entry
Deadline: 30 months
Power of Attorney: Yes*
Assignments: Sometimes required**
Language: Spanish
Translation Extension: Yes***
Excess Claims Fee: No
Examination Request: Optional at filing or deferred
Country Notes:

* Power of Attorney forms must be notarized and legalized via either the Apostille procedure or at a Honduran consulate in your home country - one will suffice for all Central American countries. If a power is not restricted by the grantor to a specific case, it can be used for other matters. The consulate will provide instructions on the procedure; note that costs will be incurred for this.

** Assignments are only required if the applicant of the priority application is different to the applicant of the Nicaraguan application, or if no assignment was filed with the IB during the PCT international phase.

*** The Spanish translation can be filed at national phase entry or within two months from the national filing date.