Buying translation services? Avoid common pitfalls and reduce hidden cost

In this webinar, Armand Brevig will share his experience leading a £ multi-million translation sourcing project for a global pharmaceutical company. He successfully consolidated 150 suppliers down to just 3, which led to a substantial overall cost reduction plus a number of additional benefits. 

“I’d been asked to implement a Category Management approach and look for quick wins. Having found 150 translation suppliers on our systems, it became clear they collectively represented a £ multi-million spend. 

My first instinct was to run an RFP, find the lowest ‘per word’ rate, consolidate the supply chain and realise the savings. A simple, straight forward approach that should produce a quick return. Or so I thought. 

But as I talked to internal stakeholders and suppliers, I realised this was not a trivial exercise and I needed to really learn about the needs of our internal stakeholders and the reality of procuring translation services. 

It soon became evident that a more thoughtful and considered approach would lead to overall cost reductions and incremental business value that would far exceed what could be achieved by shaving a few pennies off per word rates.” 

Join this webinar to learn: 

  • A simple consolidation approach is a false economy 
  • Translation isn’t a commodity service 
  • Cost optimisation opportunities are often hidden 
  • The process can’t really just be automated


Armand Brevig

Armand Brevig

Managing Director 

Procurement Cube

Rachel Lindley

Rachel Lindley

Business Architecture Practice Director