Responsibility for our community

We provide an active programme of charitable support and promote foreign language learning actively through school and university partnership programmes including the RWS Campus and the RWS-Brode Scholarship Programme. Other partnerships have included Carbon Almanac, Urban Synergy and the Outward Bound Trust.

RWS Foundation

We provide an active programme of charitable support and promote foreign language learning actively through school and university partnership programmes including the RWS Campus and the RWS-Brode Scholarship Programme. Our philanthropic initiatives have been consolidated under the new RWS Foundation. Donations by RWS and the RWS Foundation this year amounted to £300,553. RWS encourages its colleagues to volunteer in the community and five working days can be taken annually to get involved in charitable initiatives.
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RWS Campus

RWS Campus is our global university program. We aim to inspire great futures in localization and to be recognized in our industry for developing localization talent and markets worldwide. We have a global presence, interacting with more than 700 Academic Institutions in more than 75 countries. 

We work with 170+ interns globally each year, and 50 students are currently taking part in our Scholarship Programme in the UK.

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Support to our colleagues in Ukraine

Support to our colleagues in Ukraine

We are thankful that our team in Ukraine remain safe. Throughout the conflict our Crisis Recovery Team has been providing our colleagues with as much support as they have needed; practically, financially, and emotionally through regular check ins. Some colleagues decided to cross the border with their families into neighbouring countries and our RWS community has further supported with colleagues providing transport, accommodation, and support networks as the necessary adjustments in circumstance were made. We continue to follow up regularly with our colleagues and their families and help them navigate the local laws and ensure they have access to all the information they need to thrive in their new locations. Happily, some colleagues have felt able to return to their homes in Kyiv. 

It has been very important to us as a company to support the wider humanitarian efforts and we are immensely proud of all the work our colleagues are doing, as well as volunteering personal time, to support the people of Ukraine. 

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RWS Scholarship Programme with The University of Manchester (UK)

As a large employer of language graduates, we believe we have a role to play in encouraging the next generation to consider a degree in languages and support those who may not have the financial means to complete their studies.  

In 2019 we launched the ‘RWS-Brode Scholarship programme’ – named after our chairman, Andrew Brode – in collaboration with the University of Manchester to encourage students to complete a degree in modern languages. We are very pleased that the programme is currently supporting 50 undergraduate students who joined the university between 2019 and 2021.  

In addition to the scholarship programme, we have a planned programme of events with the University of Manchester to support students in their education and path into the workplace. We were also very happy to be able to offer a placement to Ruby Mercer, a second-year BA (Hons) French and Spanish student, in our Sheffield office, to provide further insight and training opportunities to complement her degree.

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RWS gives back to Indore community

Because of its community ties, a long history in Indore and enthusiasm among our colleagues for a transformational project that will have tangible benefits for local people for years to come, RWS has got involved in supporting The Christian Hospital, Indore. 

Starting as a small medical clinic in 1887, The Community Hospital has grown to provide services to more than 10,000 patients every year. This community-based hospital provides low-cost care to people from all social and economic backgrounds, with an emphasis on care for women and children as well as a focus on the poor, underprivileged and marginalized. 

The modernized and renovated operating theatre offers The Christian Hospital’s doctors, nurses and patients many functional and medical benefits, including the ability to perform complex surgical procedures. Medical staff will also have access to the latest imaging and x-ray technology that can be used during surgery, reducing the risk of patient complications.

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RWS helps children learn with school meal support

Hungry children struggle to feed their hungry minds. It’s long been understood that unless young learners are properly fed that they are not going to get the most out of their lessons. That’s the driving ethos behind the RWS partnership with The Akshaya Patra Foundation: making sure primary schoolchildren in an Udaipur school get at least one square meal a day during term-time so they can make the most of their education.
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Urban Synergy (UK)

At RWS we understand the importance and benefit of diversity, equity and inclusion and supporting education which is why we have been actively supporting and involved with Urban Synergy over the last year, taking meaningful action that generates long-term impact.  

Urban Synergy is a youth empowerment charity which inspires, guides and ignites the ambitions of young people in the UK. It has supported more than 20,000 students since 2007. 

Urban Synergy supported 4,143 young people through career e-seminars, mentored 125 students through our e-mentoring, delivered 84 work experience placements, with many more planned over the summer. This totalled 3,259 hours of work experience for young people.

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The Outward Bound Trust (UK)

The Outward Bound Trust was established in 1941, and is a leading educational charity that uses the great outdoors to help young people from all walks of life develop. They provide adventurous learning courses for young people to learn the social and emotional skills that will play a pivotal role in how they navigate the challenges of adolescence and beyond. The aim is for young people to return home with a stronger sense of self-belief, and empowered with the attitudes, skills and behaviours they need to make positive change in their lives.  

Feedback from accompanying leaders also indicated that the young people developed their confidence, teamwork, skills and resilience. 100% of accompanying ambassadors agreed that during the course, the young people:

  • Realised they were capable of more than they had thought 
  • Developed their ability to work collaboratively with others 
  • Had increased their confidence 
  • 67% of young people reported improvements in confidence 
  • 66% of young people reported an increase in their ability to cope in challenging situations 
  • 66% of young people reported improvements in resilience 

In FY21, seven RWS ambassadors accompanied 96 young people from two London schools to develop their capabilities and unlock their potential through an Outward Bound Trust course. All seven agreed that their pride in working for RWS and confidence that they could manage challenging situations at work had increased.

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Carbon Almanac

Partnered with the Carbon Almanac and translated its children’s version of the popular book into ten languages. The Carbon Almanac is a collaboration amongst hundreds of writers, researchers, thinkers, and illustrators which provides fully referenced, authoritative information on the impact of CO2 and other greenhouse gases on our climate.
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