RWS and Urban Synergy

As part of our endeavours to support education and diversity, RWS is now actively supporting and involved with Urban Synergy. Founded in 2007 by Leila Thomas, Urban Synergy aims to improve the talents of young people. Working closely with students, schools, local councils and corporate sponsors, Urban Synergy provides a tailored mentoring scheme to raise the confidence and achievement of young people. 

This initiative is based in Lewisham (London) where young people face many challenges including high levels of deprivation, a lack of accessible positive role models and restricted employment opportunities. 

RWS employees are able to work with Urban Synergy by volunteering for both e-mentor and e-seminar opportunities. The e-mentor volunteers will help the students with presentation skills, updating and completing their CVs, mock interviews, etc. The e-seminars are presentations to young students with the aim of providing professional role models and insight into the qualities required to succeed.