Tridion Accelerators

Speed up your Tridion implementation using one of our many accelerators, and easily plug Tridion into your larger digital ecosystem. 

When you use Tridion Accelerators, you are benefiting from years of best-practice knowledge, prebuilt connectors, sample code, and documentation. Now you can shorten development and installation cycles while increasing the robustness of your deployment.

Accelerators come both in free and paid-for variants, depending on connectors or other components included.

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Shorten development and installation cycles with integrations you can trust

China Airlines
China Airlines launched its new US website in just 16 weeks using Tridion's Digital Experience Accelerator. Following the launch, traffic to the site doubled and conversion rates increased by 90%.

Key benefits

Tridion accelerators fast-track your implementation.

Follow a best of-breed approach.
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Reduce implementation cost.

Benefit from years of best practices.
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Future proof your investments.
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Extend our accelerators as needed.

Key features

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Digital Experience Accelerator

Get the most out of your Tridion investment with a fully functional website implementation. Our quick-start foundation, available in Java and .NET, can help you with entire websites, as well as smaller initiatives such as micro and campaign sites.

Digital Experience Accelerator
DAM Accelerator
CRM Accelerator
Dynamic Documentation Accelerator
DX Accelerator for China
Integration Framework