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  • Centralize content management

    Establish a 'single source of truth'

    Technical content creator/manager: create a single source of truth that joins up the way your content is created, translated, managed, delivered and consumed.

    Digital marketer: deliver a consistent brand and message without duplicating content between systems by creating a central content hub with orchestrated distribution. 

    IT & compliance officer: stay on top of compliancy, policies, regulations and legislation with advanced version control and audit trails, while monitoring and governing content quality and hygiene.

  • Automate processes

    Streamline and speed up work

    Technical content creator/manager: create content once and publish it everywhere instantly. Reuse content effortlessly. Classify information consistently with AI-assisted automated tagging. 

    Digital marketer: eliminate mundane and time-consuming work by automating tasks such as content tagging and translation management to improve efficiency and streamline operations.

    IT & compliance officer: eliminate manual handovers, copy/paste and other error-inducing steps by building an integrated content and information supply chain for an AI-ready enterprise.

  • Manage digital touchpoints

    Headless, multichannel, and multi-format communications

    Technical content creator/manager: create information once and apply it to support, eLearning, troubleshooting, FAQs, machine-embedded information and other use cases.

    Digital marketer: create your marketing content once and make it work for multiple digital channels and applications without any rework.   

    IT & compliance officer : reduce risks and liabilities by leveraging one central system rather than a collection of disparate tools, serving content to multiple touchpoints to comply with privacy, GDPR and other regulations.

  • Gain content insights

    Understand and optimize content effectiveness

    Technical content creator/manager: visualize the effectiveness of information used, or not, with metrics on content reuse, translation memory and further cost optimization when creating information. 

    Digital marketer: understand what content is used where, how it’s reused and what the status of your translations is – all from within your content management environment. 

    IT & compliance officer : use built-in reports and statistical information, or extract data through Tridion’s APIs, and build your own dashboards and reports to satisfy your business reporting needs.

  • Integrate with other systems

    Plug into your existing technology stack

    Technical content creator/manager: enrich the information experience for employees, partners and customers by allowing access to wider sets of input data and distributing to more channels.

    Digital marketer: create better customer experiences and an agile marketing ecosystem that simplifies content authoring by connecting the CMS to your DAM, CRM, Commerce and other tools. 

    IT & compliance officer: achieve freedom from vendor or technology lock-in with modern GraphQL-based content APIs, a standardized Integration Framework and event system.

  • Unify collaboration

    Content creation, collaboration and review

    Technical content creator/manager: streamline workflows with easy-to-use, web-based authoring, editing and collaboration tools. Ensure accuracy by automating information creation and review processes, eliminating the need for manual handoffs and error-prone email chains.

    Digital marketer: remove boundaries when collaborating across regions, establishing a mix of centrally managed and locally tailored campaigns. 

    IT & compliance officer : improve security and organizational agility by letting domain experts take back control of content, so you can focus on core tasks such as reducing operational costs..

  • Leverage AI

    Find instead of search

    Technical content creator/manager: adopt GenAI responsibly securely and reliably, with trustable chat and authoring assistant features trained on your organization’s enterprise data. Tailor audience experiences with semantic AI.

    Digital marketer: create innovative, AI-powered content experiences, enhancing customer engagement, personalization, and cost efficiencies for your customers.

    IT & compliance officer : achieve improved performance, energy efficiency, scalability and access to advanced AI capabilities for content management through our strategic partnership with AWS.

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