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Speed up content production, review, translation and distribution and improve both employee productivity and customer experience with the industry's best component content management system (CCMS).
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Intelligent content management

Our enterprise-wide structured content authoring and collaboration tool – using the DITA standard – helps you turn your content into intelligent information. Enrich it with the right metadata and classification information, such as taxonomy terms, and build a true enterprise knowledge hub for your company.
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A Component Content Management System (CCMS) you can trust

California Casualty
"It saves our staff a huge amount of time—helping them provide high-quality customer service and do their jobs more efficiently."
Susan Lalor, Knowledge Management Team Manager.
Horiba Medical devices
"We could no longer live with the traditional methods of documentation and needed to have a repeatable, scalable processes to support business growth."
"The use of Tridion technology has generated huge benefits in terms of cost and time savings, which ranges from 40-100%."

Key benefits of a DITA-based CCMS

Ensure employee productivity and customer experience with structured content
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Increase productivity by content reuse
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Improve information governance
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Improve content findability
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Adapt content for any channel
Duplicate documents
Reduce content volume

Evaluate your return on investment

Tridion Docs provides measurable cost reduction and revenue benefits, which can make a big difference to your company’s bottom line.
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Key features

Structured content

Easily reuse, share, filter and deliver multilingual content to any channel with our modular content foundation. 

Tridion Docs CCMS provides support for the DITA standard out of the box, so you can avoid inconsistencies that would otherwise impact your brand, and reduce content development costs by up to 50%.

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Collective Spaces

Collective Spaces ensures you get all of the benefits of a structured content approach while eliminating the need for your contributors to understand and use the underlying XML directly. 

Comprised of Draft Space and Review Space, Collective Spaces allows authors to edit text and upload media, and reviewers to comment and provide feedback, all within an intuitive and easy-to-use browser-based interface. Because comments are stored in-context with the content, you can track the entire process, including any deletions or additions. 

Our Document History feature provides advanced audit trail capabilities to ensure you are compliant and in control.

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Semantic AI

Improve search for customers, employees or partners by helping them find what they need quicker. 

The new semantic AI capabilities in Tridion help you better match user intent to your content by connecting your critical content together with the core knowledge models of your organization to give all your users the information they need to succeed.

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Dynamic Delivery

Benefit from single-source publishing and convert your content into any output format and language so that you only have to write it once. 

Tridion Docs supports headless, dynamic, personalized and responsive web delivery, API-based access to content, XML or JSON output, RSS streams, XML output, static HTML, Help files, eLearning, all the way through to automatically formatted and designed accessible PDF or print output.

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Baseline Manager

Track the dependencies between content components and their different versions with our visualization tool. 

As a result you have fine-grained control over multiple content versions, allowing you to release the correct information to market while working on updated versions at the same time.

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Enterprise Knowledge Hub Technical Communication

Managing policies, procedures, guidelines and other high-value information is tough and can easily end up in document overload and file system chaos. 

Support your employees and partners with high-quality information from a single source of truth and solve problems of content fragmentation and liabilities due to poor information.

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Why a CCMS for Enterprise Knowledge Hubs

Deliver accurate product information, after-sales and self‐service content to customers, field service and support teams, and scale as the number of products, variations and markets grow. 

Effectively manage and publish high-quality multilingual documentation in any channel and in any format.

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Why a CCMS for Technical Documentation