Transform field services with intelligent content

In a world where the internet can give us any answer we want in an instant, it's frustrating – for customers and maintenance teams alike – when a field service technician simply cannot reliably get the information they need to diagnose an issue, order the right part or execute a repair on site. 

Minimize operational risk and watch the productivity of your field service teams soar, when you connect them to an intelligent content platform designed to meet the most demanding expectations for after-sales support.

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Tridion Docs delivers the right information to your field technicians – and to self-service customers – without fuss, online or offline.

Field service productivity booster

Create reliable, accessible field service content through:
Duplicate documents
Version management without duplication
Access speech bubbles
Efficient feedback processes
Access translation
Multilingual content support
Global reach
Adaptive content for any channel
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Enhanced learning and training in the field

Why intelligent content management for field services?

Get the right information to the right people with intelligent content – the key to ensuring productive technicians and happy customers.

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Benefits of intelligent content for field service

Information findability

  • Eliminate information silos with a single source of truth covering all relevant equipment, service and training content. 
  • Optimize content delivery for any environment by supporting multiple formats, channels and devices without duplicating content. 
  • Offer intelligent search functionality to technicians and self-service customers, and deliver results tailored to their context and needs.
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Operational excellence and collaboration

  • Empower field agents and customers to act efficiently and with confidence. 
  • Reduce the risk of technicians injuring themselves or damaging equipment. 
  • Get feedback from field technicians to ensure that content continually evolves to meet their needs. 
  • Improve mean time to repair (MTTR) and first-time fix rates (FTFR).
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Foundation for next-gen/Industry 4.0 tech

  • Use automated content delivery mechanisms to support a condition-based maintenance strategy. 
  • Use AI-ready content (ie, content that is readable by machines) to deploy self-service chatbots or feed field service content to other applications. 
  • Publish content to augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR) platforms to take field service to the next level.
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Information governance and security

  • Control the entire content lifecycle – from creation and review to management and delivery – at scale. 
  • Avoid content duplication with 'create once, publish everywhere' model. 
  • Easily manage content updates and versions for compliance and accuracy. 
  • Track and audit information access and activities.
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Discover how Tridion Docs makes the difference for field services teams

“The dynamic publishing component of Tridion is crucial for us. It gives us a lot of flexibility and more opportunity to split up how we’re delivering content and what we’re delivering to where.”
Jonathan Chandler, Intralox
“Tridion Docs has already empowered us to dramatically improve the consistency, accuracy and uniformity of our documentation."
Tom den Hertog, Meyn
Atlas Copco
“We needed a way to manage the variations of our content across our different brands and products and deliver the right information to the right customer. Tridion Docs provided a compelling system that met our requirements and empowered us to achieve our objectives."
Louis De Jaegher, After Market Process Development Manager at Atlas Copco
United Imaging
"In bringing our products to a global market, we faced the challenge of developing high quality technical documents. RWS has a mature set of content management solutions and has a localized deployment and technical support team."
Guan Lei, Technical Communication Center at United Imaging
"The service information platform developed with RWS is a very successful project. Tridion Docs is fully functional and can be customized to meet our requirements."
Jesse Zhou, Snr. Manager of Aftersales Service at Leapmotor
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