Tridion Docs: eliminate content chaos in technical documentation

Tridion Docs, our Component Content Management System (CCMS), empowers technical communication teams to centralize the creation, translation, management and delivery of accurate, accessible and relevant content. 

With a modular approach to content management, Tridion Docs lets you easily reuse, share, filter and deliver multilingual content to any channel. From single paragraphs to extensive documents, Tridion ensures consistency across all your products and languages.

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Case studies

Manage complex content with confidence

Intralox case study - RWS
Intralox reduces desktop publishing costs by 99% and translation costs by 79%. Read to find out more.
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CommScope establishes a single content management system for all its technical publications teams.
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Xiaomi saves 2,000 work days with content management tech.
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Use cases

Field service support and troubleshooting Support and self-service automation

Empower your field technicians with instant access to reliable, up-to-date documentation, even without connectivity. Tridion Docs transforms the way field service teams find and use critical information, significantly improving mean time to repair (MTTR) and first-time fix rates (FTFR). 

With Tridion Docs, you can ensure your technicians have the knowledge they need to complete repairs quickly and efficiently, every time.

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Transform customer support with Tridion's intelligent content. Granular, semantically-enriched content integrates seamlessly with chatbots and virtual assistants, allowing multilingual self-service. Built-in neural machine translation ensures instant, accurate conversation localization. 
Streamline operations, reduce costs and allow customers, wherever they are in the world, to self-serve in their own language.
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Key capabilities

Single source of truth

Centralize technical documentation to ensure customer satisfaction and reduce the workload of after-sales support. Control the entire content lifecycle from creation, review, management and delivery at scale to empower support teams and field agents to find and work with critical product information more easily and quickly.
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Collaborative content creation and review

Promote teamwork and knowledge sharing by helping Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) say goodbye to manual PDF markup and endless email chains. With Tridion, your entire organization can collaborate and access knowledge in a unified platform, increasing productivity and competitive advantage.
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AI-driven content generation and optimization

Experience the future of content management with Tridion’s suite of GenAI capabilities. Our AI authoring assistant streamlines content creation, while our trustable chat feature answers queries accurately using your enterprise knowledge. Guided navigation provides smart recommendations for related content, and semantic AI auto-tags content and enables intuitive search through natural language.
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Information governance

Safeguard your business-critical information with robust security and detailed audit trails. With Tridion, you have the tools you need to maintain data integrity, ensure accountability, and meet compliance requirements.

Detailed versioning and audit logs allow you to track when information was last updated, who made the changes and what has been changed, giving you visibility and control over your content. Tridion’s out-of-the-box reports measure content reuse, cost savings and team productivity, or you have the option to create custom reports.

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Integrated translation management

Go global faster with built-in translation management by connecting to RWS's superior language technology. Ensure smoother workflow with control on the end-to-end lifecycle of your technical documentation.
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Key results

Instructional, contextual and consistent information for global teams.
50% increase in productivity year-on-year.
30% reduction in content development costs.
82% of customers achieve ROI in 18 months or less.
20% reduction in translation costs.
100% reduction in desktop publishing costs.

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