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So you’re interested in Tridion; but what’s next?
We know starting with a new vendor is always a bit of a jump into the unknown. Therefore, we want to be as transparent as possible.

Our process makes the difference. 
We're your partner when it comes to putting together a "Total Solution" for you. There's a lot to consider and no two problems are the same. We will guide you through the various stages of how we engage with you. 

Explore the steps below, or contact us directly for more details.

This is a quick conversation about to get to know one another. We'll ask about your business priorities and your overall digital and content strategy.
In this phase we'll get a little deeper and will ask about your content lifecycle. We'll also ask about how the content should be delivered. Typically customers will want to manage content for public websites, intranets, support sites, mobile apps and PDF delivery to name a few. But feel free to talk about your aspirations as well! We have customers delivering content via in-store displays, airport kiosks, car infotainment systems, and TVs.
We partner with you as a team. With this in mind we'll help develop an ROI model with both quantitative and qualitative measures. We will help you develop models so that you can communicate the benefits to your business.
Tridion experts will present to you the right solution to tackle the identified challenges. We’ll have a presentation to bridge our technology to your needs and we’ll demo the product at a business and technical level. We always encourage a lively discussion so you’ll be comfortable in the solution that you choose.
Your team may want access to a dedicated Tridion sandbox to try out the product themselves, or even run a full proof of concept (PoC) project. During this process we’ll guide your team through exercises and use cases so they can get a feel for working with the product.
In this phase we’ll work with your internal technical teams to ensure that we are compliant with any policies. We’re happy to fill in any security questionnaires and provide you with credentials like our ISO 27001 certifications, SOC2 compliance and more. We’ve passed some of the most stringent requirements in the past and we’re confident that we’ll satisfy your needs.
This is the time when we catalog the requirements and detail the desired integrations. We’ll also work with you on the working model that fits best. Some customers like a “white glove” model where our team does everything. Others prefer a model where a partner or their internal team does the work while we’re in a supporting role. But by far, most companies opt for a blended model where we use the best expertise of various teams for an optimal solution.
Not all customers are looking for a global rollout of their content, but those that do appreciate the fact that RWS is one of the largest Language Service Providers. More importantly we have the Translation Management Software to efficiently allow Tridion users to request content translations. And yes, if you have internal translators or if you have another language service provider, we will be able support them as well.
In this phase we can help you develop the right workflows and permissions to support your internal needs and will come up with the right strategy to fit your organizational structure. Whether you operate a highly centralized organization or one of "central control with regional flexibility" – we’ll make sure the technology fits your operating model.
If you have large amounts of content or if you’re looking to efficiently categorize your content, our experts can advise you on how to balance content metadata with a taxonomy structure. We’re also happy to take on topics around Smart Tagging, Semantic AI, and Faceted Search.
If needed we also can provide assistance with SEO, UX design, media localization, transcreation, usability analysis, global product testing, eLearning and other topics that may be important to the success of your project and larger company strategy. Our team has a global focus and has the expertise to help with the nuances of international rollouts.
RWS will provide a tailored proposal which can include RWS Professional Services implementation details as well as a collaborative approach with a partner – either chosen by you or recommended by us - to get started as soon as you are ready to move forward!
We have a worldwide team to help you with any challenges that you may encounter. In addition we host events and webinars throughout the year to keep you up to date on new feature releases and other relevant developments. You’ll also be assigned an Account Director to ensure your continued success!

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