Tridion connectors and accelerators

Maximize the value of intelligent content management by connecting your Tridion solution to your other business systems to create faster, smoother end-to-end processes.

We offer a range of out-of-the-box connectors for Tridion, some of which are free and some chargeable.

We also offer a range of Tridion accelerators that combine connectors with sample code and documentation to help you with common use cases such as digital asset management, ecommerce, self-service support, or capturing web leads to your CRM system.

Tridion accelerators

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DAM Accelerator

Fast-track integration between your digital asset management (DAM) system and Tridion, so your editors can browse and search the DAM repository from Tridion and easily embed digital assets into web pages without copying them from the DAM system into Tridion. Avoid asset duplication and maintain a ‘single source of truth’.

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DAM Accelerator
CRM Accelerator
Dynamic Documentation Accelerator
DX Accelerator for China

Key benefits

Tridion connectors and accelerators help you do more with Tridion

Create joined-up processes
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Save time and money

Take advantage of our expertise
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Future-proof your investments
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Go further, faster, with our accelerators

Find the connectors you need

Most of these connectors are available from the RWS AppStore