Tridion for airlines

Easily manage multiple websites and multilingual content 

Manage content across multiple brands and languages to deliver engaging digital experiences on any channel or device. 

Tridion makes it easy with advanced features such as automated personalization, multilingual capabilities and headless content delivery – simplifying reuse of content and management of different versions.

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Why Tridion?

Smarter web content management for global airlines
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Create regional, personalized experiences
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Control all your brands centrally and effectively
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Power your omnichannel strategy
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Easily manage multilingual content
Fast stopwatch
Go-to-market faster with our cloud offering

A web content management system you can trust

China Airlines


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Manage large volumes of diverse content with BluePrinting®

Airlines need to manage a huge breadth of online content across brands, sites, platforms, markets and languages. Our unique BluePrinting technology ensures content consistency and makes managing all that content incredibly easy.
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