Deliver powerful customer support experiences with ‘intelligent content’

Everyone knows that creating great customer experiences is key to customer satisfaction and generating brand loyalty. 

However, in this digital-first world, where so much activity has moved online, customer expectations have skyrocketed and failure to meet customers on their own terms is brutally punished.

Offering multilingual customer service and support across channels to global audiences in their own language increases satisfaction and loyalty. But doing so is easier said than done.

Tridion enables you to efficiently deliver optimized customer support experiences in our fragmented, digital world.

IDC Technology Spotlight 2021

Component Content Management Systems (CCMS) are on the rise, with organizations starting to budget more for them. A CCMS is essential to fuel digital transformation and in turn deliver a high-quality customer and employee information experience. 

Learn why a CCMS is the key to helping customers and staff find the one right answer to their questions in this research report from International Data Corporation (IDC).

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Easy information findability

Use of Tridion has been proven to achieve a 20% reduction in support calls, with CSATS up by 15% and a 34% increase in content reuse from multichannel distribution.
Easy information findability
Reduce information fragmentation
Strict information governance
Easy implementation of next-gen tech

Intelligent content supply chain

Duplicate documents

Version management and content reuse

Structured collaboration for knowledge workers
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Intelligent work hub for intranet collaboration
Global reach

Adaptive content for any digital channel
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Information governance for security


“The use of RWS technology has played a critical role in our centrally managed content and this has generated huge benefits in terms of cost and time savings – ranging from 40-100%.”

Bruno Herrmann, Nielsen