Tridion for Enterprise Knowledge Hub

Achieve operational and competitive excellence with intelligent content creation, management and delivery to any channel in any language with our data-driven knowledge management.

Establish a single source of truth for business critical information through enterprise-wide structured authoring and collaboration, and build a knowledge hub for employees, partners and customers to facilitate a connected enterprise.

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Enterprise-wide structured authoring and collaboration you can trust

“We saved money, avoided headcount increases, and provided better, consistent and up-to-date information at the same time.”

Jan Feenstra, DAF Trucks

Key results

Build an intelligent enterprise empowered with the right knowledge.
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44% improvement in productivity.
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75% improvement in information findability.
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81% reduction in content.
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32% improved content reuse.
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20% reduction in support calls.

Business applications

  • Digital workplace or intranet

  • Support and self-service automation

Business continuity and resilience rely on a well-informed workforce. With Tridion you can establish a Digital Workplace for your employees and partners by providing accurate information, solving findability issues and streamlining collaboration. 

Now you can easily access policies, procedures, guidelines and other high-value information and discover bottlenecks in your processes, and gaps in your content, so you can make data-driven decisions about where to invest.

Apply automation (RPA) in your Support Center to reduce cost and speed up operations. Well managed, bite-sized chunks of knowledge allow you to implement conversational user interfaces, such as chatbots and virtual assistants that enable people to self-serve. 

Tridion manages information in a highly structured, semantically enriched, granular format. It handles content in multiple languages and easily deals with complex product and model variations, to ensure the right information is delivered. It easily integrates with other AI/ML technologies and is fully integrated with RWS neural machine translation for on-the-fly translation of live conversations.

Key features

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Enterprise knowledge centralization

Centralizing corporate knowledge by creating a knowledge hub helps unify operations and overcomes the drawbacks of working with point solutions. 

With Tridion, you can create, curate and locate knowledge from across the enterprise at scale in an agile manner.

Enterprise knowledge centralization
Unify SME collaboration
Information governance
SDL/RWS has been named an important player in the Forrester Wave report 2020