Supported patent filings

PCT National Phase Entry
Deadline: 30 months*
Power of Attorney: Yes**
Assignments: Yes***
Language: Spanish
Translation Extension: Yes****
Excess Claims Fee: No
Examination Request: Automatically examined
Country Notes:

* 32 months with extension fee payable.

** Power of Attorney forms must be notarized and legalized via either the Apostille procedure or at a Honduran consulate in your home country – one will suffice for all Central American countries. If a power is not restricted by the grantor to a specific case, it can be used for other matters. The consulate will provide instructions on the procedure; note that costs will be incurred for this.

*** The Assignment of Invention must be legalized. We require three Assignment of Invention documents legalized by the Apostille procedure.

**** The Spanish translation can be submitted within two months from the filing date.

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