Language Weaver is back and we want to tell you all about it! 

Language Weaver brings together the AI experts and technology from former SDL Machine Translation and Iconic Translation Machines into a single, world-class team with the most powerful, comprehensive, and adaptable neural machine translation platform available in the market. 

Over the course of our six-part video series, we will share the history of the brand, give you a tour of our product suite, deep dive on some of our cutting-edge R&D, and discuss our various solutions for government, legal and enterprise users. The series will contain many familiar faces from RWS, SDL and Iconic, and promises to both inform and delight! 

You can access the full set of videos below.

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Introducing Language Weaver

In this video, members of the Language Weaver team will tell the story of our (re)inception and answer questions from the live audience.

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Enabling global enterprise with Language Weaver

In this video, Heather and Puneet discuss how Language Weaver helps global enterprises create and consume multilingual information quickly, securely, and at scale.
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APIs, portals, and connectors: The Language Weaver product suite

In this video, Arnaud and Mihai introduce you to the extensive Language Weaver product suite
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Supporting government and public sector with Language Weaver

In this video, Bart and John present the range of solutions that Language Weaver offers to solve the multilingual challenges of government users.
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MT and AI innovation at Language Weaver

In this video, we have a chat with Dragos, Páraic, Melissa and Steve on how the Language Weaver team carries out research and what are some of the current and future topics of interest.
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Language Weaver for legal

In this video, our legal experts Adam and John discuss how Language Weaver is helping law firms, banks, and service providers to manage multilingual data for cross-border litigation, regulatory compliance, and other forms of information governance.
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