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The last mile
in machine translation.

Government requirements for multilingual content are broad and varied. Whether its public sector, defence, intelligence or law enforcement, language is often a barrier that need to be broken down for departments and agencies to not only function efficiently, but to ultimately serve and protect its citizens. 

Language Weaver provides an extensive range of solutions, built on our state-of-the-art neural machine translation technology, to deliver translation securely, instantly, at scale, and on the go.

Intelligence and Law Enforcement

Boost your ability to keep up with the velocity of multilingual content, and exploit the value of your data, at the same speed it is coming in. 

Language Weaver can be deployed behind a trusted firewall on-premises, or in a private cloud, in just a few hours — giving you near instant translation, while keeping your data safe and secure within your organization’s network. You can use it to address a range of multilingual applications:

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Broadcast Monitoring

Harvesting large amounts of data from the web, in order to obtain actionable intelligence, requires advanced machine translation and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to translate foreign-language content and extract useful information automatically, allowing intelligence analysts to make use of all the collected data.
  • eDiscovery and data analytics for multilingual document review in international cases 
  • Mobile and digital forensics for shorter investigation times 
  • Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and broadcast monitoring for actionable intelligence regardless of language 
  • Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) on devices for cross-language cross-border military actions 
  • Lawful Interception Management Systems (LIMS) for real-time location, interception, monitoring, and analysis of criminal communications 
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence (CYBERINT) for analysis and translation of multilingual conversations collected from the dark and open web in order to provide actionable intelligence

Public Sector

You can keep ever-changing policies, records, correspondence, texts of laws, regulations, statistics, and scientific and technical information up to date and available in multiple languages with Language Weaver’s integrated neural machine translation solutions. 

Gain greater efficiency and reuse of your information across your workforce, while still offering significant security, cost and innovation benefits to the public. Whether it’s multilingual chat, multilingual knowledge bases for self-service, or real-time chat bots, we’ve got your bases covered.

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