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The last mile
in machine translation.

Language Weaver helps legal practices, financial institutions, and regulatory bodies to solve multilingual content challenges, at scale, across the organization. 

Translate everything from emails, documents, presentations, databases, voicemails, audio and video files, social media and websites with our secure software and services. 

With our Content Insights, you can quickly analyse all content relevant to your case — no matter the language.

  • Multilingual eDiscovery

  • Compliance Monitoring

  • Rich Features

Managing multilingual data for cross-border litigation, regulatory compliance, and other forms of information governance may not be part of your everyday business, but when it arises you need to be properly prepared. 

In the moment there’s limited time to procure external services or seek out native language attorneys overseas — the time to act is now. Be proactive and future-ready by securing a translation solution that is equipped to handle multilingual data in any format, on-demand, at scale, and can be processed securely in the relevant jurisdiction. 

  • The global nature of cross-border, multi-jurisdictional eDiscovery cases creates unique challenges and risks for all organisations. 
  • Dealing with large volumes of foreign language documents within the review process is a hassle, can slow down discovery, and generate excessive costs in procuring native language reviewers or costly human translations. 
  • Multilingual data is growing and becoming more complex. The ever-increasing volume across office documents, emails, messages, and audio files, paired with an immediate need to be ready, means advanced preparation is essential. 
  • Cases that involve significant volumes of foreign language Electronically Stored Information (ESI) are infrequent or unexpected, but when they land they require immediate action. 

Language Weaver’s eDiscovery translation software allows you to translate vast amounts of foreign-language ESI quickly, securely and effectively, via our popular Relativity integration or directly through our secure online portal

Real-time regulatory compliance monitoring is commonplace across the financial sector and beyond, but it is increasingly complicated. 

It is multimodal, with voice, text and video. It is multilingual with information being created and shared globally, in many different languages. And it is also growing rapidly in scale, with increasing volumes of digital information being exchanged. 

Monitoring solutions must be integrated and equipped with the tools to allow them to detect suspicious activity, in real-time, regardless of the format or the language. That’s where Language Weaver comes in. 

Our best-in-class Neural MT solutions fit seamlessly into your regtech stack, allowing you to proactively monitor for regulatory compliance — whatever the language. 

In addition to our own portals and integrated API, we also integrate with tools like Relativity Trace and Intelligent Voice, allowing users to translate relevant information, in real-time, in text or voice, as soon as it happens, so it can be acted upon before it escalates.

Translate content instantly via our popular Relativity integration or directly through our secure online portal.

  • Seamless integration into your document review workflow. 
  • Real-time access to information in your language. 
  • 50+ languages, and over 2,600 language combinations covered. 
  • Automatically detect the languages of your dataset. 
  • Traceable data management, with servers located in multiple jurisdictions, as needed. 
  • Equally effective for a single e-mail or gigabytes of information in various file formats.
  • Large volumes of data translated hundreds of times faster. 
  • Multilingual ESI review with intelligent analysis, including document classification, keyword qualification, and content summarizsation

Automatic language identification

ESI is often in multiple languages. Sometimes there may even be more than one language in a single document. Our software automatically detects the languages of your dataset, allowing you to focus on the review at hand. All you have to do is upload your files individually, in bulk, or even zipped up, and we’ll automatically take care of the rest.

File formats

Language Weaver supports all common file formats found in eDiscovery cases, including office documents, emails, PDFs and messages. If we don’t have it covered already, we can also custom develop a file handler for you. We also have audio file processing coming soon!


We can further adapt our language software to your specific legal case, content, or industry (Automotive, Medical, Financial etc.), through custom enhancements, for an even higher level of quality translations for your specific case.

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