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Built for the modern enterprise
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Language Weaver - Neural Machine Translation

Built for the modern enterprise

  • Your Language Weaver portal, your style.
  • Empower your business with a rich feature set designed for enterprise.
  • Enable seamless user access with Single Sign-On.
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Adapt AI to speak your language

  • Tailor MT to your own terminology, brand style, and domain context.
  • Empower users to enhance MT output through integrated feedback loops.
  • Switch on auto-adaptation and let MT models learn from user feedback, dictionaries, and translation memories.
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Protect your greatest asset

  • We believe that your data is exactly that. We will never use customer data to train our models.
  • We host in US and EU, attuned to regional data protection laws.
  • Benefit from best practice architecture that is secure by design.

Webinar series: Leveraging Linguistic AI

Join our webinar series throughout March for a practical guide on using linguistic AI to benefit your business

Get a practical look at the features and capabilities that maximize the value of machine translation across your whole organization. 

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Translate, edit, download

  • Work with complex file types including scanned PDF.
  • Don’t waste time with file conversions or text extractions – just process natively with Language Weaver.
  • Leverage enhanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) with ABBYY.

Unlock a huge range of languages

  • Over 3,000 language combinations.
  • Access new markets, reach global audiences.
  • Accelerate insight – no more disparate multilingual data.

Deploy instant translation at your fingertips

  • Easily integrate into any of your systems, tools or workflows.
  • Make use of APIs, SDKs, and out of the box connectors.
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Looking for an on-premises solution?

If you are looking for an on-premises solution then look no further - Language Weaver Edge is for you.
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