Language Weaver 2022 .

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The last mile in machine translation.

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The last mile
in machine translation.

Easy integration

Built for enterprise, our cloud translation solution is secure and confidential. It can be integrated into your environment easily in a number of ways.

Using the Language Weaver API, you can work with our engineering team and our Software Development Kit (SDK) to develop a custom integration into your workflow or proprietary systems.

The Language Weaver Cloud Portal is a simple but powerful translation platform that enables fast, secure document translation at enterprise scale, across users, workgroups and projects in your organization. It can be white-labelled and accessed via SSO to serve as your secure, in-house tool for on-demand 24/7 translation.

Our Connector Hub offers a range of existing integrations and connectors to many popular applications such as Outlook, Relativity, ServiceNow and many more.

Key features

  • State-of-the-art NMT with 130+ languages and over 3,000 combinations possible
  • Ability to incorporate your own dictionaries and terminology to increase accuracy and usability 
  • Intelligent Adaptation allows users to provide feedback and suggest translation changes in real time 
  • Brand and terminology management through user-defined dictionaries 
  • Supports all major document types with format preservation 
  • Backed by the full support of our team of MT and translation experts

Enterprise-grade security and reliability

  • GDPR compliance by ensuring no content is retained, shared or reused 
  • Administrative visibility and control over users and usage 
  • Fully secure multi-tenant architecture built using micro-services for optimum performance and reliability 
  • Role-based privilege model ensures transparent access control 
  • HTTPS protocol to provide encrypted communication and secure identification

Innovation through RWS Linguistic AI™

  • Automatic language detection and quality assessment 
  • Content intelligence and transformation support 
  • Automatic summarization and content analysis