Structured content

Content confidence in a complex world

In your line of work, complexity is a fact of life. The question is, how well are you managing it? 

Our intelligent content technologies establish a single source of truth for your critical information. This gives your organization and your staff every confidence that the content you create, translate, manage and deliver is always right – wherever, whenever and however you need it.

Intelligent content management

Reap the rewards. Reduce the risks.

Is your enterprise content still trapped in thousands of static documents and bottlenecked by slow, costly, manual processes? If so, then it's time to modernize. 

Structured content management breaks your information down into smaller building blocks (components) that become your single source of truth. These are easy to create, update, automate and reuse globally, so you can work confidently at the scale and speed you need. 

Our intelligent content technologies handle all the complexity so your teams or your customers don't have to.

Key benefits

Reduce your risks

Ensure all content is accurate, compliant and up to date by standardizing your content processes with a single source of truth

Boost your efficiency

Slash content production times and localization costs with streamlined workflows and content reuse

Fuel your AI success

Feed AI engines with the reliable, enriched, structured data they need to power new efficiencies and use cases

Unlock new value

Transform your documentation into a flexible enterprise asset by easily composing deliverables for product variations and new channels

Empower your staff

Enable employees with the right knowledge and onboard new staff more effectively with high-quality content

Delight your customers

Create better user experiences by contextualizing content for each person's location, language and device

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Your content technology partner for complex enterprise needs

With a proven track record over 20 years, the world's most significant commercial and government organizations trust us to handle their complex content challenges.
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Waters Corporation
California Casualty

When content matters, don't compromise

When you're managing critical content, you need a technology partner that's up to the task.

Built to handle complexity

You can rely on our sophisticated solutions to consistently deliver the highest standards of precision, consistency and quality in the most demanding environments.

Tuned to your industry

Our solutions and partner network are tailored to the specific challenges and demands of your industry, including manufacturing, hi-tech, aerospace and defense, legal, pharmaceutical and more.

Secure. Stable. Scalable.

Backed by robust quality and security certifications, our enterprise-grade cloud, hybrid and on-premises solutions can always be relied upon.

We speak global

As a world leader in machine translation and linguistic AI, our built-in translation integrations mean you can localize content for global audiences with unparalleled ease, speed and reliability.

Future ready

Our APIs and composable architecture enable interoperability with your business-critical applications and AI tools.

Supporting your journey

Access global professional support and best practice from our teams, partners and the wider Component Content Alliance community to accelerate your success.