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AI-powered machine translation solutions that transform your multilingual content.
Enterprise-grade machine translation that is secure by design, infinitely adaptive and fully scalable. Meeting your needs of today and beyond. Helping organizations protect data, accelerate insight, and ignite growth.
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Fully secure.
Reduce costs.
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Seamless integration.
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Increase quality.
Flexible Deployment
Flexible deployment.

Power of machine translation

Webinar series: Leveraging Linguistic AI

Explore our webinar series and resources for a practical guide on using linguistic AI to benefit your business

Get a practical look at the features and capabilities that maximize the value of machine translation across your whole organization. 


Use cases

Government Global Enterprise Legal and Compliance
Bring a global perspective into your analytics pipeline. Language Weaver can integrate with content intelligence applications to minimize the effort required to translate multilingual content.
Language is often a barrier to clear communication with internal and external stakeholders. Language Weaver can help you improve collaboration between teams, increase productivity, go to market faster internationally.
Managing multilingual data for cross-border litigation and regulatory compliance may not be part of your everyday business, but when it arises you need to be equipped to deal with it. Be proactive by securing a translation solution that can handle multilingual data in any format, on-demand, at scale, and will be processed securely in the relevant jurisdiction.
Paul McCabe, VP of Customer Experience at Roland Corporation

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