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Language Weaver machine translation that grows with you, adapts to the language of your organization, and securely protects your most sensitive data.

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Translations delivered securely at scale

Secure by design, highly adaptive and fully scalable, Language Weaver is a trusted solution for financial and accounting services providing real-time translation for teams in hundreds of locations as they work with complex content and data across multiple languages. It can be deployed behind your firewall – at your premises or in a private cloud – for secure translation at scale. We also provide a wide range of connectors to enable integration with your established marketing, data and content platforms. 

Enjoy state-of-the-art MT

Increase translation capacity

Language Weaver offers scalability that will flex and grow with an organization and a translation performance of up to 100,000s of words per minute across 3,000+ language combinations. Thanks to automatic language identification, users simply upload any text-based content individually, bulked, or even zipped, and Language Weaver takes care of the rest.

Protect confidential data and meet regulatory compliance

Managing huge volumes of documents while protecting confidential data is mission-critical. Language Weaver's highly secure infrastructure ensures that no information or intellectual property is at risk during translation backed by the strictest of privacy and retention policies designed to guarantee full regulatory compliance. Available in the cloud, on-premises, or in our unique hybrid Edge-Cloud combination deployment models. 

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Maximum connectivity with seamless integrations

Language Weaver can be integrated into your environment easily. Supported via API and plug-ins, teams can access Language Weaver wherever and whenever they need: through the secure portal, pre-built connectors, or as a fully integrated part of existing internal systems and workflows.
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In your own language

Language Weaver’s adaptive capabilities deliver fine-tuned translations that are tailored to clients’ individual requirements, domain contexts and use cases, including industry-specific terminology and company brand guidelines. Features such as customizable dictionaries and real-time user feedback allow a cycle of continuous improvement in translation quality.

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